After adding bulk transactions, private auctions and English Auctions to their platform, OpenSea are now partnering with one of the world's most popular web browsers, Opera. The partnership with Opera will allow Opera desktop and mobile users to view, manage and trade their crypto collectibles in a secure and convenient manner.

Partnering With Opera

OpenSea manages the most complete Application Programming Interface (API) for Ethereum-based smart contracts, NFTs, promotions, events, etc. Their API is used by many notable crypto wallets and platforms, including Coinbase, Balance, Vault Wallet, Trust Wallet, and CKBox.

OpenSea & Opera partnership brings new opportunities to the crypto community

The latest addition to their list of partners is Opera, which will use OpenSea's API to deliver the best experience to Opera users. Specifically, the OpenSea API will feed Opera's new browser-based crypto wallet with data, allowing Opera wallet users to view, manage and trade their crypto collectibles with ease.

Thanks to this partnership, Opera users will be able to view, receive and send their ERC-20 tokens while enjoying the secure environment of the Opera crypto wallet.

What Is The Opera Crypto Wallet?

The Opera crypto wallet is a browser-integrated wallet that emphasizes security and functionality. It gives users complete control over their assets, funds and collectible keys and stores them to their smartphones. Moreover, the wallet utilizes Android's secure system lock to seamlessly carry out on-blockchain transactions without requiring any additional PIN codes, keys or passwords.

Opera crypto wallet is free, secure and easy to use

Opera's goal is to help cryptocurrencies transition from being used as a speculatory and investment tool, to being used as an actual method of payment people will use on a daily basis. Opera is also the first browser to integrate a crypto wallet, bringing more than 180 million active Opera browser mobile users closer to the Web 3 revolution.

Developers & Gamers Are Welcome To Join

OpenSea is encouraging developers to try out their API. The best way to start is by reading their API how-to guide, which explains how easy it is to retrieve and display NFTs. Game developers, in particular, should also go through the OpenSea crowdsale tutorial if they want their work to be seen in users' wallets.

If you use Opera, feel free to visit Opera's Crypto Store to purchase crypto and other items. You can also interact with Ethereum DApps, both on your desktop and mobile devices