MegaCryptoPolis (MCP) has released a preview showing some of the features that will arrive with the MCP 3D. Read below to see what these features, when will they be available and whether or not will you be eligible to enjoy them!

It's Time to Drive

Yes, you'll be able to drive vehicles in MCP 3D and experience the decentralized map in an entirely new way. Keep in mind that you'll be able to test this feature as soon as the MCP 3D Demo is out.

During the demo, you'll be able to try out this feature with any vehicle. However, once the game is fully released, you'll need to have your own vehicle (car token) in order to freely drive around the city. You will, however, be able to order a taxi to reach certain destinations and experience the vehicle mode.

As for the controls, they'll be very simple and intuitive; you'll be able to drive the vehicle with your keyboard or by using on-screen buttons. If you’re not a fan of cars, you’ll be able to reach key points on the map by using MCP’s public transportation. The public transportation will feature bus stops and metro stations, allowing you to rapidly reach desired spots on the map.

You don’t need a driver’s license to drive in MCP!

About the Avatar Mode

In MCP, citizens will not only carry out daily tasks but will also act as avatars. You'll also be able to identify yourself with the citizen token and let other players know that you are the owner of a specific citizen or building.

Furthermore, you'll be able to experience MCP through your avatars. For example, you'll be able to walk your dog (assuming you have the pet token), chat with other players and move freely across the decentralized map!

Avatar mode will be immersive and highly interactive

On Advertising and New Blockchains

In MCP, you'll be able to advertise your business, buildings, and districts by placing ads on buildings. Note that this feature will only be available to Huge and Mega building owners. What’s even more cool is that district owners will be able to place adds on taxis and billboards within their district!

Furthermore, the MCP team said at some point in time they’ll expand to other blockchains, including TRON and EOS. This will not only bring new players to MCP but also expand MCP’s territory and add new land plots and buildings. All microeconomy assets, such as building materials and resources, will be interoperable regardless of their origin, so users will be able to freely trade assets across multiple blockchains.

Advertise your brand in MCP!

If you'd like to play the game, be sure to check out our DGaming store! The MCP 3D presale is still live, so make sure you claim your 3D packs before they're all sold out!