Chrono Games, the developers of Forest Knight, announced their Chinese New Year-themed update. The update adds new limited-edition content to the game, including rare and legendary weapons, epic skins and one ultra-rare mystic item.

Smoke Rises From Chronville

Life in Chronville has been anything but peaceful and boring over the past couple of months. With winter came the snow trolls and goblins. These are vile and ruthless creatures, whose sole purpose is to disrupt the progression of players.

Knight and Priest dressed in their fancy new epic Lunar armor

As the knights chased the creatures across hills and mountains, they discovered a cave, with heavy breathing echoing through it. Armed with shields and swords, the brave knights entered the cave and found horror; a dragon, as red as blood and cloaked in flames, attacked the intruders, melting their shields with blazing fire.

The Red Dragon, overwhelmed by the knights, eventually fell, leaving its treasure behind to the victors. Among this treasure, the Knights discovered epic, legendary and mystic weapons, all of which will serve them well in the battles ahead.

Introducing The New Items

With the new update came five new items: 2 skins, 2 weapons, and 1 shield. One of these items is a mystic item, the rarest in the game. These items form the Forest Knight Lunar item set and are the first to feature both English and Mandarin descriptions.

Lunar Shield, the first mystic in-game item, is a sign of wealth and good luck 

Note that these are limited-edition and extremely powerful items, which is why they'll have a low drop rate and low supply count. These are:

  • Lunar Knight epic skin - an epic skin for the main game protagonist, the Knight. Forged with the Red Dragon's fire, the armor is said to have incredible resistance to damage
  • Lunar Priest epic skin - an epic skin for the Priest of Chronville. The robes, made of the Dragon's skin, will serve its wearer against many enemies
  • Lunar rare daggers - stained with Lunar Dragon's ashes, these daggers can inflict significant damage to many enemies
  • Lunar legendary sword - legend has it that, if you kill a creature with this sword, their soul remains forever entrapped in the sword.
  • Lunar mystic shield - the rarest item in the game, the mystic shield saves its bearer from evil spirits and ill omens

Reaching Goals & Milestones

The money accumulated from the sales of these items will be invested in game development and marketing. Moreover, each purchase brings all players closer to reaching a new community milestone, which grants prizes to all Winter Sale purchasers.

And, since Forest Knight is a member of the Enjin Multiverse, the devs will surely use some of the funds to promote the multiverse, which will at the benefit of all the games that have already joined it!