ZED, a collectible racehorse blockchain game, emerged in the top 10 ETH DApp charts in our latest DGaming Bi-weekly digest. To learn more about ZED, what's it about and how it's played, see below.

What Is ZED?

ZED is a crypto collectible racehorse game in which players collect and race their digital horses. The goal of the game is to build your own stable, that is, your own personal collection of racing horses, and win races.

Each ZED horse has a unique name and bloodline

In ZED, players collect, breed and trade horses on the Ethereum blockchain. While selecting horses, players must pay attention to their bloodline, genotype, rarity, and on-racetrack performance. More valuable and scarcer horses also have a potential of breeding rare offsprings, which players can either trade or use on the racetracks.

What's The Current State Of The Game?

Though ZED is still in its early days, it turned out 6th on our top 15 ETH DApps (by volume). As you can see from the image below, ZED netted roughly $32,000 USD in the period between March 11th and March 24th.

ZED emerged 6th in the top 15 ETH DApps by volume

The game is still in the early release state, during which ZED is releasing 4,000 racehorses into the circulation. These 4,000 horses are also the rarest ones, and they'll not be offered in the later stages of the game. Players can purchase these horses right now, at a fixed price.

Geanology Of ZED Horses

ZED uses genotype as a method of confirming just how far an offspring is from its ancestors. The game will feature 10 Zed indicators, from Z1 to Z10; the lower the ZED indicator is, the purer and faster the horse is. Effectively, ZED genotype will also influence the horses' value in the marketplace.

To breed ZED horses you must understand their characteristics and genes

ZED is releasing their horses in waves, one at a time, allowing everyone to review the horse and obtain it for themselves. To purchase, users must have an installed MetaMask, as well as the necessary fund to complete the transaction. ZED is currently offering Z3 horses to early adopters.

Things To Come

ZED plans on adding numerous services to its community, including marketplace, Stud Service, race schedule and live racing. Zed is also active on numerous social media channels, including Twitter, Discord, Reddit and Medium, where they interact with their community and update them about giveaways and updates.

Having emerged in the top 10 ETH DApp charts in our latest DGaming Bi-weekly digest without these features, it's reasonable to assume that ZED will achieve even greater success once it implements these core on-platform elements and services.