The release of War Riders, a Mad Max-like drive, customize and destroy game is very near. But what is so special about this game and why are so many people anxious to play it? You can find answers to those questions down below.

Image from War Riders

What Is War Riders?

War Riders is a blockchain-based game involving cars, weapons, chaos, and disorder! This Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game is expected to be fun, engaging and profitable. Players will be able to obtain vehicles, customize them and combat other players. The game has a finite number of vehicles (1 million); roughly 150,000 have already been claimed.

Players will also build unique vehicles using the platform’s tools. With these vehicles, they’ll mine Benzene (BZN), the game's cryptocurrency. To earn BZN, players will engage in various activities, including raiding other players or completing in-game drive-through missions.

Game Development Progress

War Riders was announced in April of 2018. On August 20, the option to pre-order premium vehicles launched. In the next two months, players will finally be able to test their vehicles. The game is expected to enter closed Alpha, open only to those that purchased premium vehicles.

The game is expected to run on all platforms and will deliver a 3D experience. The developers (Cartified.Inc) also announced that the game would run on mobile phones, as well as on consoles (at some point in time).

Alpha Stage And Unexpected Delay

The game was supposed to launch this year (November-December), but the Alpha release has been moved to January or February next year. Developers also said that the game should enter the Beta stage in the spring of 2019.

Developers wish to reward early adopters and pre-purchasers by giving them a chance to earn BZN before others join the game. Early adopters will have an opportunity to experience and test some core in-game mechanics, including vehicle customization and driving.

On Future Changes And Updates

Right now, War Riders developers are working hard to create a functional account system. Players will be able to link their accounts with Ethereum wallets, which should give them more control over their transactions.

Furthermore, players will also be able to purchase in-game guns! The gun-purchasing system will accompany the announced customization function, and allow players to mount rockets and other weapons to their vehicles.

Developers also announced changes regarding MetaMask as well as Mobile wallets. In short, they’re working hard to make all in-game transactions smooth and transparent by improving functionality without sacrificing the security.