Two days ago, legislative progress was made in the Korean blockchain gaming industry. Three major industry players, Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA), Korea Blockchain Content Association (KBCCA) and Blockmason signed a Memorandum of Understanding to the benefit of Korea's blockchain game developers.

What Is Blockmason?

Blockmason is a notable developer of blockchain technology with an emphasis on building the foundational base-layer frameworks that support the blockchain revolution.

The company has many successful projects in its portfolio, including:

Credit Protocol - a service that provides an easy to use and secure method of recording and storing mutually-confirmed debt or credit obligations on the blockchain.

Lndr - a mobile DApp that allows two parties to record and settle casual debts in numerous currencies. The app is powered by Credit Protocol.

Link - Link allows developers with no blockchain experience to seamlessly develop and deploy assets on the blockchain.

Blockmason argues that there are 2 main problems with blockchains:

  1. Blockchain development has a steep learning curve. Casual developers often need to learn now coding languages, data systems and more in order to integrate blockchain with existing systems.
  2. Often users have to complete a series of tasks in order to interact with a DApp; navigate to cryptocurrency exchanges, install and register wallets, confirm transactions, solve security challenges, and install browser plugins.

To solve these problems, Blockmason developed Link, a service that enables developers to leverage blockchain technology without the need of learning new coding languages. Also, with Link, developers don't have to run a dedicated server or web infrastructure, purchase crypto before using Link, or go through the problems described in the list above.

Partnering With KMGA And KBCCA

By partnering with Korea's two major blockchain gaming organizations, Blockmason will be able to provide their advanced technologies to numerous small and medium-sized game developers.

With these tools, developers will be able to build innovative DGames and DApps with better UX at a faster pace and effectively increase the adoption of blockchain technologies. Companies that adopt Blockmason's technologies will also adopt BLINK, a single token that’ll allow them to perform API transactions while using Link.

Most importantly, KMGA and KBCCA will make this technology available to thousands of blockchain and app developers, which will benefit not just developers, but gamers and casual users alike.