Blockchain Cuties Universe is now an official partner of Auctionity, a platform that allows crypto collectors to trade, buy, auction and sell numerous crypto assets. This partnership will bring many benefits to both parties, and will soon enable Cutieneers to auction, buy and sell cuties on Auctionity.

What Is Auctionity?

Auctionity is a platform where users can engage in all sorts of activities:

  • Trade, buy, auction, and sell various crypto collectibles
  • Bid on offered collectibles in the Auctionity Saleroom
  • Become an Auctioneer and perform live auctions for the Auctionity community
  • Become an Auctionity ambassador and share the platform's products and ideas with the rest of the world
Auctionity’s vision

It's also worth noting that Auctionity auctioneers and ambassadors receive DoomRaider tokens (DRTs) for their on-platform efforts. DRT was developed back in 2017, with the purpose of enhancing the auction processes across the globe.

Will Cutieneers Benefit From This Partnership?

Soon, Cutieneers will be able to auction, buy and sell cuties on the Auctionity platform. This will not only improve the overall liquidity of the BCU assets but will also allow Cutieneers to better price their Cuties and in return net better gains.

Furthermore, BCU is currently running a special auction on Auctionity to celebrate their newly forged partnership. The offered cutie is the Gen 0 Daranayan, one of the most audacious and honorable cuties.

About the Special Auction

The BCU team said that they'll give away all the revenues collected from this auction to TeenGuru. TeenGuru is a Belarussian business and tech school that offers online educational programs to aspiring business people and entrepreneurs.

Located in Minsk, the schools' main goal is to provide Belarusian teens with the right education and tools so that they can one day start their own projects and turn them into successful businesses.

About Dartanyan

At the time of this writing, 5 bids were made on Dartanyan, the highest one being 0.9 ETH (roughly €140). Daranyan has a power of 4; 1 from being level 1, 1 from Nobility trait, and 2 from being a Unique cutie.

Noble, nimble and lucky!

Daranyan is also effective at taking down raid bosses, having +5 Raidboss bonus and +6 Defense bonus. You can also take Daranyan on adventures thanks to his 9% Luck bonus, 50% Experience bonus and 50% drop chance bonus.

But Dartanyan isn't the only powerful cutie in the Cutieverse! On the contrary, BCU is full of all types of cuties, including lizards, bears, pigs, cats; you name it! If you're into crypto collectibles, you should definitely try BCU by visiting our DGaming store. If you would like to know how the game works and what are the benefits of playing it, you can read the BCU review written by one of our authors.