The War Riders team has revealed the results of their Wanderer competition. Additionally, the team shared some juicy information about the game's latest project updates, upcoming features, multiplayer mode, and so much more. Sounds interesting? Read below!

The Wanderer Competition Is Over

The War Riders team said, "The Wanderer competition was a huge success." Indeed, many players reported having a lot of fun while searching for the statuettes hidden within the War Riders universe.

Only persistent and lucky players were able to found special vehicle statuettes

Interestingly, the team also reported that some players loaned their accounts to their friends in order to win better prizes. This, according to the War Riders team, wasn't against the rules. The best performers of this competition were the following players: R4yn, dwindlingfat, Marvin, auxkevin, cipherGarden, Doji Flip and Countzero.

Special Vehicles and Winner Badges Are Now Unlocked

Players that were able to find the special vehicle statuettes in the Test Wasteland now have those vehicles unlocked. These vehicles have special appearances and cannot be recolored (since they have unique skins), and are undoubtedly very valuable, especially to their owners.

Furthermore, winners of the competition can now also proudly carry their Winner badges while driving across the War Riders desert Wasteland. If you haven't already, be sure to log in into your game and add the badge on your vehicle via the "Change color" function.

On Roadmap and Multiplayer Mode

The War Riders team said that'd roll-out Alpha testing of the multiplayer mode in roughly 2 weeks. This means that you and your friends will be able to test the game in a multiplayer environment, which will, without a doubt, be fun and filled with action, shooting and raging!

BZN mining is on the horizon

Furthermore, once the testing phase ends, the team will add the BZN mining option. For those that don't know, BZN is War Rider's in-game currency and will be minable in-game via the said system.

On Gun Purchasing and Vehicle Presale

Once the multiplayer testing phase ends, the devs will deploy the gun-purchasing contract. Players will be able to buy guns with BZN and ETH via the game's official DApp, and will later be able to trade them the same way the vehicles are traded.

Also, the ongoing vehicle presale will end once the devs add the gun-for-BZN purchase. In translation, once the players are able to purchase guns with BZN, the ability to purchase premium presale vehicles will be halted.

Get your premium vehicles while you still can!

If you'd like to see a full list of changes that are coming to the War Riders Wasteland, visit the game's official blog. If you'd like to join this post-apocalyptic, pillage & plunder, seek, shoot & destroy Mad Max-like mayhem, visit our DGaming store!