Just recently, the Chainbreakers team unveiled that their game franchise will expand beyond Decentraland. Specifically, Chainbreakers aims to deliver a truly decentralized MMORPG experience powered by web3 browsers and blockchain technology.

The Future Is Bright

Judging by their latest Youtube video, the future of Chainbreakers is indeed bright! While it was no secret that the game would run on Decentraland, we had no idea about the behind-the-scenes development projects.

The future of Chainbreakers

Chainbreakers is building a franchise, one that will leverage blockchain technology, interoperability, smart contracts, and NFTs to deliver a collection of next-level blockchain gaming experience to the Chainbreakers community. No biggie, right?

So What's The Next Level?

In Chainbreakers 2 (the official name is yet to be announced), players will be able to form and join groups, trade items, participate in raids, and battle against bots and other human players.

Chainbreakers character preview

Furthermore, if you purchased items in the ongoing Chainbreakers crowdsale, you'll be able to use these items in Chainbreakers 2. Moreover, you'll be able to use the said items in all future Chainbreakers games! This is possible due to the interoperable nature of the CBI tokens, which will work in the upcoming Decentraland version of the game as well as in all future Chainbreakers games.

Lastly, players that connected their Chainbreakers accounts with the Chainbreakers Discord channel will be able to simultaneously converse with the community in-game and in Discord. Effectively, players will be able to send a single message across multiple chat rooms in order to better communicate their thoughts.

Chainbreakers Decentraland Is Still Top Priority

As you can see from the image below, the Chainbreakers team has a clear path for the Decentraland version of their game. It’s also worth noting that Qwellcode, the developer of Chainbreakers, has allocated additional resources to accelerate the development of Chainbreakers.

The Chainbreakers development pathway

The Stable version is scheduled for September 2019, after which the team will focus more energy into Chainbreakers 2. The Chainbreakers community will play a vital role in all of this, and the team will ensure that the community's feedback is taken into consideration.

If you want to make sure that you get early access to the game, you can acquire the Chainbreakers Celestial Ring. It will not only give you early access to Chainbreakers 2 but will also bring you numerous other benefits within the Chainbreakers universe.

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