When it was announced that EtherGoo is joining the TRON Arcade with its TRON-optimized game, TronGoo, it caused the price of TRX to surge by 10%! The question is: how is it possible that a single game can have such a powerful impact on the crypto market?

What Is TronGoo?

When the DGaming industry was still in its infancy, EtherGoo emerged. Soon after it was released, EtherGoo become one of the most popular DApps, mostly due to its competitive nature and innovative and addictive gameplay. Unfortunately, EtherGoo was also one of the first games to highlight Ethereum's scalability issues.

TronGoo factory running at full speed - make Goo, make TRX‌‌

When games like CryptoKitties and EtherGoo were in full swing, they attracted a lot of players, which meant a lot more transactions. And, as players began to perform on-chain actions, they experienced a lot of difficulties, delays, and pauses because the Ethereum blockchain was unable to process a large number of transactions in a such a short period of time.

Migration To TRON

It didn't take too long for many DApps to seek alternative blockchains; their eyes shifted to other 2 major blockchains, EOS and TRON. Some stayed on Ethereum, some switched, and some, like Blockchain Cuties, diversified and decided to run on multiple blockchains.

TRON wasn’t particularly known as a gaming-friendly blockchain, not until BitGuild (popular gaming platform) announced its migration to TRON Arcade. And when BitGuild migrated, many other DApps followed. Why? Well, it's simple; TRON promised faster and smoother on-chain actions.

Unsurprisingly, EtherGoo decided to board the TRON hype train, and have announced the release of TronGoo. The news of the partnership spread rapidly across the internet, motivating investors to buy TRX. And they did; TRX surged 10% after the news was announced. It’s been a crazy week for TRON, as you can see from the image below.

TRX price from Coinmarketcap

How Will The Game Work?

While the devs announced that they'd make changes to the TronGoo, the core gameplay remained intact. TronGoo, like EtherGoo, rewards players for successful in-game actions. Specifically, TronGoo players receive TRX when they produce and deposit Goo, steal it from other players, promote the game, and so forth.

At the start, each player receives a starter Goo-producing kit, with which they can produce their first Goo. The more Goo they produce and deposit, the more TRX they earn. With Goo, players can build structures, produce units and upgrade their Goo production units. Most interestingly, players can build units and attack other players to steal their Goo.

On TRON Improvements

TronGoo, which launched 4 days ago, features improved and more balanced game mechanics. Furthermore, it features an improved interface that is mobile compatible, allowing mobile players to enjoy the game on-the-move.Having a mobile-compatible interface is important because, like EtherGoo, TronGoo rewards its most active players by distributing TRX on a daily basis. It's needless to say that mobile compatibility will play a critical role in this, allowing users to play the game at home, work, or in school (but don't do that).