Changelly & Enjin announced that they're launching a Changelly-branded blockchain explorer that allows Changelly users to confirm their transactions in a seamless, ad-free way. To celebrate the launch their blockchain explorer, Changelly will be giving away ERC-1155 blockchain assets that are usable across 22 different gaming worlds.

What Does This Mean For Changelly?

When users buy or sell a crypto asset via Changelly's platform, they'll be redirected to the Changelly blockchain explorer in order to verify their transactions quickly and seamlessly. The explorer is simple, polished and well designed, and also allows users to search for transactions, blockchain assets, blocks, and coins.

Changelly Explorer - smooth, secure and convenient

The launch of the Changelly blockchain explorer will, without a doubt, strengthen Changelly's brand loyalty and provide Changelly users with a more secure and convenient on-platform experience.

Building A Strong Partnership

Prior to the launch of the explorer, the Changelly platform integrated with the Enjin wallet in order to allow Enjin Wallet users to trade roughly 130 cryptocurrencies. Paired with Enjin Wallet's top-grade security, Changelly exchange ensures that users can store the currency within the Enjin Wallet while the transaction is taking place. In translation; the coin remains in a secure environment during the exchange process.

Changelly and Enjin have also announced that they're working on a new Ethereum blockchain collectible, Major Tom. Aside from being unique and interoperable with other DApps and websites, it'll also be playable across 22 different games.

About The Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the Changelly blockchain explorer, Changelly is hosting a giveaway during which they'll create and distribute ERC-1155 blockchain assets to all participants. It's worth noting that these assets will be usable across numerous games within the Enjin Multiverse, including Age of Rust, War of Crypto, ReBounce, and AlterVerse.

ERC-1155 tokens can migrate between gaming worlds

Effectively, if you win the giveaway, you'll get access to a network of 22 interconnected games. These token you receive will also be interoperable, meaning that any app or website will be able to support them.

For example, any developer can choose to integrate an asset like Major Tom with their game. More importantly, there's no limit to the number of developers that can integrate the token with their games thanks to the transparency of blockchain and the unique data structure of the ERC-1155 tokens.