AlterVerse, a world-building & gaming multiverse recently unveiled their Limited Edition Game Servers (LEGS) project. These pre-made multiplayer servers will allow users to launch custom-made gaming projects and monetize them as they see fit. The servers will also be fully customizable and truly owned by the users that obtain them.

What Is The LEGS Project?

LEGS is one of the latest projects launched by AlterVerse. Users will be able to obtain LEGS with Aces (AlterVerse tokens), and from that point on, launch various gaming projects on them. Specifically, server owners customize their servers, setup up reward systems, charge players for participation, and so forth. For example, server owners may choose to reward their players for completing quests, or after they successfully raid an in-game dungeon.

Teleportation center in Disruption, the upcoming AlterVerse space game

Note that, fundamentally, LEGS themselves are tokens, meaning that owners will be able to trade them as they would trade any other crypto asset. And, thanks to the AlterVerse & Enjin partnership (which we covered a month ago), users will have a lot of options when it comes to asset monetization.

How Will This Work?

Server owners will be able to monetize their servers in various ways. Furthermore, they'll have full control over it, in terms of ownership, customization, and content creation. AlterVerse is currently working on its World Builder, with which the server owners will be able to develop an entire world for their respective communities.

These worlds will be fully integrated into the entire AlterVerse multiverse. For example, Disruption, the first game that'll appear in the AlterVerse multiverse, will feature fully customizable space battleships. But more important is the raiding system created by the Disruption developers. In the game, players will be able to raid the Disrupter's Treasury, which is guarded by the AI.

If the players manage to beat the AI protecting the Disrupter's Treasury, they’ll win a piece of the Treasury prize pool. All this is happening on the LEGS server, and the server owner can decide how challenging the AI will be, how big the Treasury's prize pool will be, how long will the raid last, and so forth. Server owners can also charge players for participation, and then give players the opportunity to win their fee back by completing the Disrupter raid.

AlterVerse multiverse will feature multiple worlds and themes, like Space, Sparta, and Viking

Free Market And Decentralization

As a player, you'll be able to join any server you want. For instance, a server might have a high entry fee but also a high reward system (and vice versa). Ultimately, it'll be up to the server owners and the players to choose their cup of tea.

Moreover, server owners can run their servers as Solo Raid, Alliance or Battle Royale (BR) servers. And of course, if you own a server, you don't have to monetize it. You can enjoy it with your friends or by yourself. After all, it's a Virtual Reality multiverse, so you might as well explore it by yourself!