SteemMonsters is a cryptocollectable card game built on the Steem blockchain, and is one of the most popular games when ranked by daily active users. In this game of strategy and chance, the players build their card decks, level them, fight other players and earn crypto.

What is the SteemMonsters?

SteemMonsters inherits the core gameplay principles from the famous card games like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering. As a player, you build a deck of your strongest cards battle with other players. The cards are tiered based on their stats and abilities, with some being scarcer and more powerful than others.

SteemMonsters is a blockchain game, meaning that the players own their assets and can trade them on the market in Steem, the native cryptocurrency of the Steem blockchain, and SBD, a Steem-backed token worth $1.

A How To Play Guide

To join the game, you must first purchase a starter pack, each containing 30 cards. Additionally, you can buy booster packs to earn extra 5 randomly selected cards. It's worth noting that the booster pack will include at least 1 rare card, making the purchase worthwhile.

Build your first deck with the Starter Pack

Once you have your deck ready, you can select the desired game mode while you have fun and earn crypto simultaneously. If you're new to this game, or card games in general, there is a practice mode you can try to boost your skills. You can also play ranked matches, or challenge a friend to a private duel.

What's The End Goal?

Unlike traditional digital card games, SteemMonsters allows you to level up your cards! The easiest way to do it is to combine the two cards into one. For example, combining two level 1 cards will earn you one level 2 card. Alternatively, you can sell your duplicates on the Steem market to earn STEEM or SBD.

The cards come in different editions: Alpha, Beta, Promo, and Rewards. If you're joining the game just now, you'll be able to purchase Beta edition or earn the Rewards edition cards by achieving milestones and completing daily quests.

Grow at your enemies and chew through their cards!

Progressing through leagues earns you more point and places you into battles with stronger opponents. It also gives you a chance to win powerful and scarce cards. The game currently has 6 leagues. Each league is divided into 3 tiers, except for the novice league, which only has 1 tier.

The development team also said that they plan on releasing a ‘tournament mode’, which will allow all participants to share the tournament prize pool and compete against the best players in the game.