Pirates are a bit left out in blockchain games. We have animals, cards, heroes, warriors, but no pirates. Well, one particular game development studio decided to turn the tides by creating Skullys, a digital collectible game where you collect skulls and hunt for loot in the real world!

What Is Skullys?

Skullys is a location-based digital collectible game where players collect skulls. Yes, skulls! Each skull is unique, an NFT, and can be bought, found, traded, and sold, just like a pirate's soul.

Each Skully is a unique NFT

There are a variety of skulls in the game, and the players can go for those that appeal to them. Through the game's application, players can use location-based services (LBS) and complete quests to earn PO8, Skully's in-game currency.

What Are PO8 Tokens?

PO8 tokens are named after the famous "Pieces of Eight". These were real coins minted by the Spanish government a couple of centuries ago. The coins are also quite popular in various pirate lores and have played quite an important role in the famous Pirates of the Caribbean series.

In Skullys, PO8 tokens are redeemable tokens with which you purchase boosters and unlock special abilities. Both the boosters and the special powers can then help you complete your quests and earn new Skullys more rapidly. The team also said that users would soon be able to sell their PO8 tokens on the DOBI exchange.

What's So Unique About Skullys?

The co-founder of Skullys, Frank Yglesias, said, "Skullys is a unique game because it rewards collectors for engaging with fellow Skully owners through geo-flagging. The more these players collaborate and engage, the more they earn, and the rarer and more valuable their collectible becomes."

And that's what pirate games are all about, right? You don't go out and play mainstream games like Blackwave or Sea of Thieves on your own; you play with your fellow pirate friends!

More Features Coming Soon

Skullys features an intuitive design and friendly UI that will certainly help it reach more early adopters. The devs also plan to bring the game to the Google Play and App Store and enable users to play the game with their phones.

Intuitive, smooth, functional

And, the team plans to add defending and attacking to the mix, allowing you and your fellow pirates to defend each other during geoflagging or attack your sworn enemies and steal their loot.

If you’re interested in this skull-collecting game and would like to learn more about, visit the Skullys’ official website. You should also visit our DGaming Store and browse through more than a hundred instantly playable DGames; we're sure that you'll find at least the one you like!