In this article, we're going to talk about NextColony, a space simulation strategy game with elements of RPG and exploration. The game is built on the Steem blockchain and has already achieved great numbers since its release.

Numbers First

Just recently, the NextColony teams unveiled the numbers behind their launch. And the numbers are:

  • 586 players have already joined the game and are colonizing the Alpha planet as we speak.
  • Since the game's launch, 586 players completed roughly 28,500 transactions.
  • NextColony's shop is completely sold out, and the new players are waiting for the next batch of items to purchase.
  • During the initial auction, NextColony sold 9 of their most prestige planets for a total of 38,494 STEEM.
  • The current reward pool now holds 12,827.4 STEEM.
  • NextColony sold the most expensive crypto asset on the Steem blockchain, for exactly 10,005 STEEM.

NextColony is a grand scale space simulation game

NextColony Lore

Planet Earth is destroyed in a nuclear war between China, Russia, North Korea, and the USA. Humans tried to make the best of the post-war environment, but the war turned the planet into an uninhabitable radiation zone. Eventually, those that survived had to flee the earth and search for a new place they can call home.

Survivors, spread in groups and across the earth built their spaceships, boarded as many people as they could and forever left Planet Earth. For months, the survivors flew through a dark and unexplored universe with no potential home in sight, until they finally found a new planet; it’s called planet Alpha.

About the NextColony Gameplay

Exploration, resources, shipyard, buildings, production, and missions; NextColony has it all! In NextColony, your main objective is to survive. To ensure survival, you have to explore the planet, produce resources, construct buildings and perform missions.

In NextColony, you can build mines, shipyards, research centers, and resource depots. When you build a shipyard, you'll be able to build ships and eventually assemble your fleet. With ships, you can take numerous missions and earn rewards that help you progress through the game. For now, you can choose exploration and transportation missions.

The production also plays a critical role in NextColony. To produce resources like coal, copper, and uranium, you'll need mines. You'll also need depots to store the produced resources, which you can later use to construct buildings and ships.

Remember: Planet Alpha features an inhospitable environment!

NextColony is a giant, complex and immersive game, and we definitely couldn’t cover all of its aspects in one article. To find more about the game visit the NextColony official website. And don’t forget to visit our DGaming store to find and play games similar to NextColony (MoonCryptoPolis comes to mind).