The Kingdoms Beyond team has been quite busy over the past couple of weeks. They've launched the official Kingdoms Beyond website, updated the game world and unveiled Mochis, which are pets that will aid you in your journey throughout the Kingdoms Beyond world.

Website Launch and World Updates

The official Kingdoms Beyond website is now finally up and running. It runs smoothly and is very neatly designed, providing you with useful data about the game.

The website launch isn't the only news coming out of the Kingdoms Beyond studio. Aditionally, the devs have revamped the entire world, which now features beautiful graphics with newly designed trees, flowers, bushes, and other in-game assets. Just take a look at the image below; it's easy to spot the difference!

Old (left) and New (right) graphics

Building the World

Kingdoms Beyond now has a center, a small village where heroes are born. In that village, you can also see small shops, houses, as well as farmers tending the land and herders taking care of their livestock.

But you too will be able to interact with this world. You'll be able to chop trees, harvest crops, and mine stones. With these resources, you'll be able to craft items and construct buildings. For instance, you can build your own house within the Kingdoms Beyond world using the resources you gathered and call it your home.

You'll also be able to set up shops and sell goods and items to other players, for a fee, of course. To construct houses or shops you'll need land, which you can obtain via the presale.

What Are Mochis?

Players will be able to equip heroes with Mochis and have them as pets in Kingdoms Beyond. Mochis are cute and mystical, but also very loyal to their owners. Gameplay wise, Mochis will follow your characters around and aid them in battles by boosting their stats.

Cute, mysterious and loyal

Mochis are crypto assets just like Kingdoms Beyond’s heroes, which means that you'll be able to trade them however you want. Mochis are currently not purchasable, but you'll be able to obtain them via the Kingdoms Beyond Founder Sale. Note that you'll also be able to obtain Mochis in-game.

If you're a fan of Kingdoms Beyond, be sure to connect with them through their Discord channel. The team plans to host several giveaways leading up to game release via Discord. And be sure to check out our DGaming Store to find and play numerous ready-to-play DGames.