In this article, we're going to walk you through the latest MLB Champions gameplay guide. The guide expands upon MLB Champions' most recent updates and discusses many new gameplay features, including game cards, game events, player rarity index (PRI) and reward points.

Understanding Game Cards

The biggest addition to the MLB Champions 2019 Season is the bench and bullpen feature. As a player, you'll be able to place 6 figures on the bench and 7 in the bullpen, with the bullpen being limited to pitchers only. In essence, this will allow you to play more MLB figures throughout the season, which could net you more reward points and increase the value of your collection.

MLB Champions 2019 will feature insanely good content!

It's also worth noting that the creation of the 2019 Game Cards will occur off the chain, meaning that you won't have to pay any fees while doing so.

Gameplay-Live Game Synchronization

MLB Champions is synched with the actual MLB games. For example, if you have an MLB Figure on your bench, and if that actual MLB player enters the pitch, the same action will occur in the MLB Champions game. That way, the Figures you put on your bench will earn you game card points assuming they play the game in real life (IRL).

When it comes to points, MLB Champions cards will earn points based on their real-life performance. This includes:

  • Player performance - each card will earn points depending on how well that player performs IRL.
  • Game events - if the card participates in the chosen game event (you can choose up to 5 game events), it can earn additional rewards. You can check the below image to see how game event points work.
  • Win/loss scenario - cards earn extra points if they win the game.
  • Figure rarity - rarer figures will earn more card points.
The list of Game events and their rewards

Understanding Player Rarity Index & MLBC Reward Systems

MLB Champions 2019 will have a new feature called PRI. In essence, this feature will introduce a more dynamic way of determining rarity values of each game card. For example, if a player performs well throughout the season, that player's card will have better chances of dropping rare attributes.

When it comes to rewards, MLB Champions players will be able to earn various rewards, including card points, post-game rewards, 2019 season rewards, and much more. There’s, of course, much more to be said about the new MLB Champions features, which is why we advise all MLB Champions players to head over to the official MLB Champions blog and read their latest blogs to learn everything about the MLB Champions 2019 features and updates.

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