Over the past few weeks, the Etheremon development team has been releasing minor updates aimed at enhancing their user experience. Today, the devs released yet another update, which introduces a new sign-in method, adds new quests and improves the ranked battle mode.

A More Intuitive Sign-In System

As of January 11th, Mon-Seekers (Etheremon players) will have to register or sign in if they want to play the game. More importantly, the game will now remember the input data (login and password), meaning that players won't have to sign in every time they wish to participate in practice or rank battles.

Why catch Pokemons when you could catch Etheremons?

Quest Changes

Thanks to this update, players can now find the referral system and rank battle winning reward under the Quests tab. Note that this adjustment doesn’t change the way these features work. However, it does ease the process of claiming rewards. Now, players won’t have to switch between pages to claim their referrals and rank battle rewards.

To those that don't know it yet, the referral system rewards those players who invite a friend to the game. Specifically, both the player and the invited friend receive points for their actions. If the friend you invited catches a free Mon, both of you will receive 1 point. Also, if your friend buys a Mon (in the Etheremon store), you can receive up to 5 additional points.

Furthermore, the ranked battle reward system has also been moved to Daily Quests. The devs are reminding players to claim their accumulated EMONTs (Etheremon tokens) by Jan 11th, 08:00 UTC.

The beauty behind the Etheremon’s diversity

Ranked Battle Improvements

The devs also announced that they're making changes to the ranked battles. These changes should be effective as of January 16th.

  • Teams that have 2 Mons (or more) of the same species will be disbanded.
  • Switching teams will no longer count as a transaction. The timer between team-switching is 30 minutes (when you select a team, you'll have to wait 30 minutes before you can re-select a team).
  • Players can now trade or transform their Mons even if the Mons are in a battle. Note: if you trade/transform your Mon while it's in battle, your opponent will still be able to attack you.
  • Players can perform up to 5 attacks each round, after which the list of potential opponents you wish to attack will reset.