Decentraland has launched the 6.0 Beta version of their SDK. The latest version of Decentraland's tool for developing scenes is equipped with a better audio engine, animation tools, and texture handling. And perhaps most importantly, 6.0 also allows users to create larger scenes and easily share them with other community members.

Your Vote Counts

Decentraland community has been asking for the ability to design larger parcels, and Decentraland delivered. With Decentraland 6.0 Beta, each LAND parcel is now 165% larger than it was before. Specifically, each parcel now measures 16x16 meters.

This decision is the result of Decentraland's community poll on Agora, which saw 87.3 % of users casting their votes in favor of larger LAND parcels. Effectively, any user with LAND now has a lot more room to work with and is able to design scenes in a less restrictive manner.

Old (left) and new (right) scene comparison

Better Sound and Animations

SDK 6.0 Beta introduces a sound engine with which users can use multiple sounds with the same scene in a seamless way. Users may also scatter sound sources on multiple locations on the scene and thus create a more immersive environment.

Furthermore, SDK 6.0 Beta features two separate components for animations; Animator and GLTFShape. Because animations are now separate from 3D models, users are able to reuse their 3D models on multiple scenes and animate them later in the way they want.

For example, let's say you have a 3D tree and would like to animate it in 5 different ways. Before, you would need to create 5 different trees with 5 different animations. Now, you are able to have only 1 tree and assign 5 different animations to it. This will not only save you time, but bit will also improve the performance of your scene since you now technically have 1 object with 5 animations instead of having 5 animated objects.

Better Texture Handling & Custom Events

SDK 6.0 Beta features the Texture element, which enables users to use an image as a texture and then assign it to simple shapes. This not only allows users to use the same texture on multiple shapes and adjust them in various ways but also allows for better optimization and performance.

6.0 brings a smoother and simpler way of animating your scenes

The newest SDK also enables users to add custom events on their scenes in an easy-to-use way. In essence, instead of having one big complicated event, a user can break up that event into several mini events and thus create a much smoother way of running and processing one major event.

If you'd like to see the full list of changes that arrived with Decentraland 6.0 SDK Beta, visit Decentraland's official blog. You should also head on over to our DGaming store to find many ready-to-play DGames and connect with the DGaming community.