Just recently, Blocklords released v1.1.0 of the game. The newest game version brings new content to its loyal players, including a new map, balanced cooldown timers, NPC flags and so much more. Read below to see the full list of 1.1.0 update and its implications.

The Road so Far

It's been almost a month since Blocklords launched on the TRON mainnet, and the devs already have a lot to show for. In less than a month, roughly 150 heroes were created, and over 100K TRX has been distributed to the players via the game's Leaderboard Ranking Prizes and City Coffer Payouts systems.

Blocklords had an excellent first month!

More importantly, during this period the loyal Blocklords community provided the devs with valuable feedback, which they took into consideration while developing the 1.1.0 update.

A Brand New Map Is Here

The v1.1.0 of the game features an extended map that adds 10 new cities, 20 strongholds and 20 new bandits. In comparison, the old map counted only 10 strongholds, which made it harder for the new players to get loot.

Effectively, the new map should allow existing and new players to conquer lands, collect loot, earn EXP with greater ease. This will allow players to progress through their medieval journey more rapidly, as well as to make more profit by selling items on the marketplace.

Additionally, the map now features two types of flags; black for NPCs and Red for players. This small but important change will make it easier for the players to tell whether a city or stronghold is controlled by NPC or players.

Added Cooldown Timers

The Blocklords community argued that cooldown timers should be added to the game in order to provide new players with better chances of getting an item drop.

Specifically, upon capturing strongholds, new players would immediately get attacked by stronger players, which would lower their chances of dropping items from strongholds. To solve this issue, the Blocklords team added a 1-hour cooldown timer that prevents enemies from attacking your newly captured stronghold.

Now, when you conquer a stronghold, you'll have 1 hour to drop items and profit from your actions. Also, that 1 hour could help you fortify your defenses and give you better chances of defending your stronghold.

The new map features more opportunities

Real-Time Map Changes & Tutorials

In the previous version of the game, players would have to refresh their webpage in order to see changes that occur on the map. Version 1.1.0 introduces real-time map changes, allowing you to see these changes as soon as they occur.

Also, to help new players grasp the Blocklords' most fundamental concepts, new video tutorials were added (the latest episodes cover bandits, strongholds and city battles). You can see these tutorials by on the Blocklords official YouTube channel.

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