The Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU) team was quite busy last week. The team introduced new Raid Bosses, added a new rewards system, and delivered their previously announced promise of giving a unique cat to players for free. Proceed below to see how these new changes will play out and what benefits will they bring to you.

Raid Bosses 2.0

Everything related to the Raid Bosses 2.0 update is new. Firstly, Cutineers will now fight against the new Boss. If defeated, this Boss will return stronger and bigger, which will undoubtedly pose a challenge to the Cutieneer community.

The new Raid Boss looks scary, doesn’t he?

However, you'll be able to reach Raid Bosses through a new, neatly redesigned interface. More importantly, Raid Bosses will drop new items and reward the top participants with CUTE tokens. You'll also be able to monitor your progress through the new Boss Slayer leaderboard. The leaderboard will not only show you your current position but will also tell you what items you obtained, and how many CUTE tokens you earned.

About the New Prizes

Items and CUTE tokens aren't the only earnable assets. Specifically, the new Raid Boss system will also award top participants with the sets of casual kimonos with fans as accessories, and two sets of fancy kimonos with bright colors. And last but not least, through this new system, you'll also be able to obtain several items and sets designed in the spirit of Chinese fashion.

CUTE tokens, items, kimonos; you name it!

It's important to know that the BCU team will continually keep adding new rewards through this system. Also, most of these items will only be obtainable through the new Raid Boss system. This means that the new items and rewards will be rare, and therefore extremely valuable.

Delivering What Has Been Promised

A month and a half ago, BCU experienced some issues with their new Group Sending update. During this incident, some cuties were caught up in a loop, which caused them to perpetually partake in adventures without the need for resting.

The market soon overflowed with items and was facing a potential crash. The team froze the market and returned the items to the sellers. Later, the team decided to destroy these items in order to preserve the market.

There’s not a problem in a world that Cat Bob can’t fix

To make amends, the BCU team promised to give a Cat Bob cutie to everyone that was affected by the bug. If you were affected by this issue, you can claim your free gift by clicking on a Cat Bob popup in the right side of the in-game window. There’s also the option to deploy your Cat Bob on Ethereum or TRON blockchain.

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