Age of Rust (AoR), a highly anticipated sci-fi adventure game, has unveiled its new trailer. Aside from an intense (and somewhat scary) sounds, the trailer demonstrates beautiful graphics, action-packed gameplay, and puzzle-solving adventures.

What Did The Trailer Show Us?

Running, shooting, flying, puzzle-solving; there's so much we'll be able to do in AoR. This isn't the first trailer SpacePirate Games ( theAoR development team) has showed us, but it certainly is one of the most intense ones. And how could it not be?

We know that the game is set in 4424, that Artificial Intelligence (AI) turned against its creators, and that you, the player, just embarked on a new journey, out there in the universe, on the planet called Kepler 22-b.

According to the AoR lore, we terraformed Kepler 22-b and made it our home. But something went wrong... You wake up from your 1500 years long sleep and find yourself on an abandoned colony ship, alone in the dark. You're surrounded by Mechs, an advanced AI that are out to get you. Your goal? Survive the new age, the Age of Rust. Very calming, isn't it?

Fun fact; Kepler 22-b is an actual extrasolar planet roughly 600 light years away from planet Earth.

Immersive Gameplay And Multiverse Benefits

Aside from surviving the new age, your goal is to explore the world around you and solve its puzzles. But not just any puzzles; crypto-puzzles! That's right, for each solved puzzle you receive crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Enjin, Rustbits, or various tokens for other crypto games).

AoR is a part of the Enjin Multiverse, meaning that it will be connected with other games that have already joined the multiverse (War of Crypto, Forest Knight, Titan Flight, and others). This means that the players will, aside from immersive gameplay, enjoy all the benefits of the blockchain technology and the Enjin Multiverse, including free trade, ERC-1155 token integration, true asset ownership, and much more.

A Mars-like wasteland in Age of Rust

Premier Puzzles And Free To Play Policy

AoR will feature what the devs call premier puzzles. Players who solve these puzzles will receive major rewards. The most complex puzzle is also the most rewarding one; the player who solves it will receive no less than 20 Bitcoins. Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, we double-checked this!

SpacePirate Games said they'd issue a proof of ownership with digital signatures to all the winners of these high-end rewards, ensuring that everything is done transparently and fairly. And last but not least, AoR will be free to play (F2P). Players will be able to purchase upgrades that can help them in-game, but these upgrades won't enhance their puzzle-solving skills (which is the essence of the game).