All Hero of Cryptoworld fans will be delighted to hear that the Hero of Cryptoworld 2nd presale round starts today (14th January). This RPG action blockchain game is in development by VX Network and NEOCYON and will run on the VX Network.

On Hero of Cryptoworld

As mentioned in our introduction, Hero of Cryptoworld is a blockchain RPG game. It’ll run on mobile devices and will feature many elements seen in the RPG genre. The primary goal of the game is to prevent the Dark Lord from resurrection. No biggie, right?

To do so, players will have to assemble an army of Heroes, whose mission it is to stop the Dark Lord's plans. The Heroes’ journey to power won't be easy; they'll go on adventures, complete quests, participate in boss raids and fight other Heroes in the Arena to acquire XP and Dia, the in-game cryptocurrency.

Join Hero of Cryptoworld and stop the Dark Lord’s malicious plans

Heroes come in various races. They can be Gods, Devils, Animals or Humans, with each race containing abilities other races don't possess. The game will also feature various classes, such as Tank, Healer, Mage or Physical. Those who wish to know more about the game can read the game's whitepaper (click here).

How Will The Presale Work?

For a limited time, players will be able to obtain Heroes of their choice during the presale. As many other developers do, VX Network and NEOCYON are offering powerful and special-edition Heroes only during presale. Those who purchase these powerful Heroes will get a considerable advantage over those players who decide not to participate in the presale.

It's also worth mentioning that the price of all remaining Heroes goes up by 1% each time a presale Hero is purchased. The second presale ends on February 3rd, 23:00 UTC. The devs advise the players to buy Heroes early in order to avoid the 1% price increase.

What Did The Trailer Show Us?

The developers announced their game will feature high-quality graphics and plenty of action, as well as rich in-game content, including world and raid bosses, PVP arena, quests, and so forth.

In the trailer above, we get a glimpse of what the game will look like. The trailer shows a lot of action, and the notorious boss, the Giant Golem. And judging by the timer seen in the top left corner of the trailer, Hero of Crypto world will be a turn-based game.

Being a blockchain game, Hero of Cryptoworld will feature all the benefits of blockchain gaming. Specifically, players will be in full control of their assets and will be able to trade them as they see fit.