Yesterday, the ExoPlanets team announced the demo version of their latest game, ExoBattles. In this BR game, players will control robots and fight against AI and human players in order to win ExoTokens (EXTs) and unlock lucrative crypto assets in the asset store.

What's This All About?

ExoPlanets, together with its native token, ExoToken, is gaining momentum. The game recently launched a new explorable galaxy and has also hosted its first photography contest, which was warmly greeted by the ExoPlanets community.

ExoBattles is a new BR crypto game

With the game and its community growing on a daily basis, the ExoPlanets team decided to push for mass adoption of ExoPlanets and ExoTokens. To do so, they plan to build an even bigger community and economy around ExoPlanets by developing more games that are related to ExoPlanets and EXTs. The first such game will be ExoBattles, the ExoPlanets’ new BR crypto game.

What Is ExoBattles?

ExoBattles is a BR crypto game in which players battle versus humans and AI in pursuit of glory and EXTs. The game was designed to be much simpler and faster than ExoPlanets, allowing players to enjoy a different kind of gaming experience but still have the ability to spend and earn EXTs.

In ExoBattles, players control alien robots which were apparently sent from one of the civilizations that evolved on ExoPlanets. The game's concept is rather simple:

  1. Fight online against other players and AI bots
  2. Upgrade your character and become unstoppable by beating your enemies
  3. Gather EXTs and unlock valuable crypto assets

Join The Demo!

The ExoPlanets team is calling all interested parties to join the demo version of the game. Note that only 50 players will be able to join and play the game while it’s in the demo phase. Players are also encouraged to fill a feedback form in order to help developers fix bugs and better polish the game prior to its release. By filing the feedback forms players will also receive 300 EXTs.

Simple, fast-paced and entertaining! 

To join the ExoBattles demo and test its features, you have to fill and file the ExoBattles demo access form. The team will then choose 50 applicants based on the answers they provide via the form.

By providing crypto gamers with a new BR, fast-paced gaming experience, as well as a new earning possibility, the ExoPlanets team hopes that the acceptance and the value of their EXTs will grow, which should benefit the entire ExoPlanets community.