DragonFeed is a game that emphasizes collective effort and fair loot distribution. The game was unveiled on Crypto Games Conference 2018 in Minsk, where it received positive feedback from the entire DGaming community.

What Is DragonFeed?

DragonFeed is a 2D platformer game powered by blockchain. The goal of the game is to collect Petrichor (an in-game resource) and then feed it to small dragons until they become Big Dragons. When a baby dragon evolves into a big dragon, it distributes loot boxes to all the players that fed it.

While there are some similarities between DragonFeed and other emerging blockchain games, DragonFeed is unique in many ways. The major difference is that DragonFeed offers a truly free gameplay by absolving the players from paying gas fees.

In DragonFeed, players can play the game, progress, cooperate, and even receive loot boxes with no payments required. Players do, however, pay the gas fee if they choose to open a loot box they receive.

Explaining the Game Economy And Loot Distribution

Each player that joins DragonFeed receives a small dragon. They have to feed their dragon with Petrichor, which resides in DragonPit caves. As players feed their baby dragons, these dragons evolve and eventually become big dragons.

And here's the fun part: when a small dragon becomes a big dragon, it flies away and distributes loot boxes to all the players that fed it. This means that players can choose to either feed their dragons, or the dragons of their teammates. When a dragon evolves and flies away, the player (whose dragon evolved) receives a new small dragon, and thus the cycle repeats.

The more resources players gather, the better their rewards will be. The reward system is fair and encourages players to work together and be as efficient as possible. Why? Well, all the players that participated in the feeding process will receive rewards from the dragon they’ve fed! Naturally, those players that fed the dragon with the biggest amount of Petrichors will receive the best loot boxes. There are 4 types of earn-able loot boxes: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

How Will the Gameplay Work?

The game is a 2D platformer, consisting of numerous screen-sized room filled with obstacles and danger. Players will be able to use in-game boosters to overcome these more easily. For now, the game has 3 boosters (listed below), but the development team announced that they plan on adding 7 additional boosters.

  • Invincibility - As the name suggests, dragons that activate this booster will be invincible. The booster will last very briefly, and the players will be able to activate it only once per room.
  • Double Jump - Remember how you could double-jump in Castlevania or Crash Bandicoot and overcome levels more easily? With the double jump booster, your dragon will be able to jump through narrow and dangerous corridors with ease.
  • Magnet - This booster attracts Petrichors (just as a magnet attracts metal), allowing players to collect Petrichors with speed and ease.

Emphasizing Fairness, Cross-Gaming and Mass Adoption

DragonFeed is a game that revolves around cooperation, free market and fair loot distribution. It encourages players to work together and rewards those that do so. More importantly, DragonFeed will allow players to trade skins, assets, and even loot boxes on the market. So, if you play the game and collect loot boxes (but don't want to open them and pay for a gas fee), you can just sell them!

The development team also said that they like the idea of merging with other games (and creating a multiverse). They've said that players will be able to purchase DragonGlass Miner skins and make their dragons unique.

The team said that their goal is to bring more non-blockchain gamers to the DGaming industry, which is why they're working hard on making their game both appealing and user-friendly. It is safe to say that imposing no gas fees and creating truly free gameplay will certainly be a contributing factor to this idea.