CryptoDungeons, a Final Fantasy-like blockchain videogame, has announced its plan to port over the game’s contents and create a game on the TRON blockchain. CryptoDungeons is one of many games to join TRON Arcade, and will undoubtedly help TRON in their mission to make DGaming mainstream.

CryptoDugneons Lore & Gameplay

War; a word on everyone's lips in the kingdom of Brightdawn. The king has ordered its citizens to gather supplies, polish their armor and sharpen their weapons, as a war is on the horizon.

War is coming to Brightdawn

As a player, your current job is to complete missions, which require you to gather various supplies and materials. With these materials, you can craft weapons and armor which you can use on your next missions. To complete these missions, you must carefully choose your heroes, for each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses.

If you have 3 or more heroes, you can also participate in dungeons and obtain rare items. These items will come in handy in any combat but will be particularly useful in PvP tournaments, which will hold generous prize pots.

On Items and Characters

There are 5 races in CryptoDungeons: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs, and Angles. Furthermore, each race has 4 classes, including mages, priests, warriors, and rogues.

CryptoDungeons crafting page 

So, each hero you own belongs to a specific race and class. Each hero is also an NFT, and can as such be bought in the CryptoDungeons store. As expected, each hero class will have unique abilities according to their design. For instance, warriors will have "Heavy Strike" and "Shield Wall" abilities, allowing them to do massive physical damage in close combats and sustain enemies' attacks.

You can upgrade your heroes with items, which you can find in missions and dungeons. Alternatively, you can craft these items from the materials you collect in your missions. You can find all your heroes and items in your inventory, and even sell them on the market to make a profit.

Play and Earn TRX

Because the game will launch on TRON Arcade, players will be able to earn TRX by selling heroes and items, or by winning PvP tournaments with generous TRX prize pots.

The game is still in development, but the devs said that they'll soon initiate a presale. If you like the game and are interested in trying it out, it's best that you join the CryptoDungens official Discord channel. You may also follow their official Twitter account for additional news and updates.