Today we're going to talk about Crypto Sword & Magic, a blockchain version of the popular turned-based RPG game, Sword & Magic. The game runs on the EOS blockchain and is bringing true asset ownership and unrestricted trading to the Sword & Magic fans.

You're A Hero

In Crypto Sword & Magic, you can choose to be a warrior, sorcerer or archer. Like in other RPG games, each class features unique abilities, stats and can carry different items.

As you gain levels and progress through the game, you'll be able to choose abilities that suit your playstyle the most. You'll build what is known as the skill tree, that is, navigate through a maze of a vast array of skills when building your hero powers.

Understanding Battles

Crypto Sword & Magic features turned-based battles. You'll have to face monsters at different stages, and earn prizes as you complete each stage.

There are various types of battles you can take in this game. For example, you can fight regular mobs to earn XP and loot or go to infinite dungeons to earn better and more valuable rewards. The game also features bosses and rare monster battles which are difficult to beat but also very rewarding.

Crypto Sword & Magic in-game footage

Furthermore, you can utilize the game's new mercenary system, which allows you to bring along 3 mercenaries to your battles. Each hero can act as a mercenary, including yours. This means that you can not only hire other players' heroes when you combat challenging monsters, but you may also help other players complete their challenges. If you and your mercenary friends finish the specific stage, you'll split your hard-earned loot!

Items and Auctions

You can equip your heroes with various items, including weapons, armor, and accessories. In the game, each item is a non-fungible token (NFT) registered on the EOS blockchain.

All items carry different stats and can significantly empower your hero. Understandably, each hero class can carry items that go along with its role; warriors carry shields and swords, archers bows and sorcerers wands.

You can equip your hero with numerous items

And since Crypto Sword & Magic is a blockchain game, you're in full control of your assets. This means that you can buy or sell items however you like. Various items can be sold on the market, including weapons, armor, accessories, battle prizes and pets!

If you'd like to play Crypto Sword & Magic, feel free to visit the game's official website. And of course, be sure to check our DGaming store for other DGames that you can play right now and make an actual profit!