In this article, we’re going to talk about Cryptic Conjure, an RPG blockchain game developed by Lucid Sight. The game combines Unreal Engine 4 and blockchain technology to deliver the ultimate gaming experience to gamers worldwide. Read below to find out more about it.

What Is Cryptic Conjure?

At its heart, Cryptic Conjure is a game about secrets. It's an RPG built on Ethereum where you team up with other players and journey through the in-game world, Kyra.

In Cryptic Conjure, you gather resources, uncover secrets, collect artifacts and use spells to defeat enemies. But unlike most other RPG games, Cryptic Conjure enables you to keep your spell only for yourself.

The Cryptic Conjure teaser trailer

Each spell in the game has 20 Essence, which you can sell to other players. However, if you sell 1 Essence, the power of your spell drops by 10% for both you and the new owner.

And that's what makes Cryptic Conjure unique! You can give away secret recipes to other players, or keep them for yourself. Should you give it to a friend? Should you keep it a secret? In this game, knowledge really is power!


Spellcrafting plays a huge role in Cryptic Conjure. To craft a new spell you need a recipe, components, and a Runic Altar.

When you play the game you complete quests, solve puzzles and riddles to acquire new recipes. Recipes tell you what components you need to acquire in order to combine a new spell. You can find new components through passive harvesting, or drop them from dungeon mobs and bosses.

The town of Rathe. Isn’t it beautiful?

Once you gather all the components you need, you must visit Runic Altars. These altars are either player-controlled or owned by the Iridium Corporation. To open a Runic Altar, players must acquire rare artifacts.

How Do Runic Altars Work?

The player that opens a Runic Altar can tax other players for using the Altar. So, in order to craft new spells, you don't necessarily need to find an artifact and open an Altar, which is good news for all players. Keep in mind that players can trade, buy and sell artifacts on the market.

If you're lucky enough to open an Altar, you can charge other players for using it. It should also be said that Altars give different bonuses to different spells. For example, while one Altar can give extra buffs to fire spells, the other one may give extra stamina buff to spells.

Iridium Corporation’s HQ

About The Combat

The thing about Cryptic Conjure is that the players are free to create a unique character. There are now classes, roles or jobs. Instead, you yourself choose what spells you want to use in the combat.

Naturally, the game does adopt traditional mechanics of some RPG games, like HP, MP, cast time, and so on. But the combat is very skill-oriented, asking that you use strategy, tactics and mind games to beat your enemies in all aspects of the game.

The combat is extremely skill-oriented and tactical

To find more information about this game, be sure to visit the Cryptic Conjure website. Don't forget that this game is being produced by Lucid Sight, the developers of Major League Baseball Champions (MLBC). If you'd like to play other DGames, you can find plenty in our DGaming Store.