Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU) has added the CUTE-for-fiat payment method in order to improve user experience (UX) and expand the use of CUTE tokens. The BCU team has also integrated with Dapper, the newest feature-rich crypto wallet developed by the team behind CryptoKitties.

Expanding the BCU Player Count

It has been repeated numerous times that new players have a hard time finding their way around crypto games. As stated in one BCU blog post, "Cryptogames still have a hard time onboarding new players since figuring out cryptocurrencies, blockchains and crypto wallets is no small feat."

Purchasing CUTE tokens has never been easier

To tackle this issue, the BCU team has decided to add the fiat-for-CUTE payment method to their game. So as of yesterday, Cutieneers can easily buy CUTE tokens with US Dollars, Euros and Russian Roubles. Moreover, the decision to do so goes beyond onboarding new players:

  • As of April 27, CUTE coins are tradable on HitBTC exchange. This means that Cutieneers can exchange CUTE coins for other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash.
  • CUTE tokens will play a more important role once the BCU Land update is added to the game. Effectively, the ability to buy CUTE tokens with fiat will make it easier for the new players to buy/sell BCU Land and Land-related assets.

Buying CUTE Coins

The process of buying CUTE coins is fairly simple:

  1. Navigate to the BCU homepage and log into your account.
  2. Click on the CUTE logo (the coin located right above the “My Cuties” tab)
  3. Select the number of CUTE coins you want to buy
  4. Select one of the three fiat currencies with which you want to complete your transaction
  5. Press Buy

About the Dapper Integration

Dapper Smart Contract wallet is developed by the Dapper Labs team (CryptoKitties). It's neatly designed, easy to use and equipped with user-friendly features. For example, Dapper allows users to reset their passwords, recover accounts, buy cryptocurrencies and crypto assets with credit cards, and flag suspicious activities. More importantly, it's completely free to use and features 0 gas fees.

Dapper is perfect for new users

And while functions such as "password resetting" and "account recovery" might not seem novel to traditional gamers, they're novel to crypto gamers, for we're used to not being able to recover accounts or reset our passwords in case we mess things up.

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