Yesterday, CryptoFights started its presale, offering 3,500 loot chests to users worldwide. Users will have the opportunity to obtain rare weapons, various limited-edition loot, as well as the extremely valuable Legendary Armor.

What's On The Table?

Each chest has a random chance of dropping 1 item from the entire loot pool, with some items being more precious than others. These items are:

  • CryptoFights MFT - the most valuable of all, CryptoFights MFT provides players with Weapon Bundle, and will, when the game launches, reward players with perpetual gifts and bonuses
  • Genesis Zero Weapons - weapons ranging from Common to Legendary level
  • Four types of Eary Adopter Weapons - these weapons are unique and non-replicable, meaning that they'll be available only during this sale
  • Special, custom-made weapons like Zolfaghar and Cingano’s Claw (these count as rare items)
  • Legendary Armor - CryptoFights Legendary Armor is by far the most powerful piece of equipment one can obtain in the CryptoFights game. This is the first time that the devs are offering this item.
Legendary Armor will be the source of many future legends!

Explaining RNG And Milestone Bonuses

When opening a chest, there's a 63% chance that the user will drop a common item. Furthermore, 24% chance for uncommon items, 8% for rare, 4% for epic and 1% for legendary items.

The more chests the users purchase, the further the overall milestone bonus scale increases. For each purchased chest, the bonus increases by 1. For example, when users purchase 100 chests (in total), each presale participant will receive the Bloody BattleAxe. If users obtain 2000  chests, all participants will receive the Lost Samurai Sword.

On Purchaser Rewards And Participation System

To participate in this presale, users will have to create an account (you can click here). Just click on the icon in the top right corner and follow the necessary steps.

Precious items await inside of each Loot Chest!

Users may purchase items with PayPal (using Fiat currencies), or via Coinbase Commerce (using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin). Moreover, there’s also the option to purchase items with Enjin Beam; simply scan the QR code of the item you want to purchase and confirm the payment.

CryptoFights will also reward the top 10 buyers (those that purchase the highest amount of chests) with additional rewards. As a token of appreciation (pun intended), users will receive 1 MFT and 4 Early Adopter weapons, 1 of each kind (Quarterstaff, Shortsword, Dagger, and a Club).

At the time of writing, CryptoFights sold exactly 837 chests, meaning that there are still roughly 2,600 chests available for purchase.