0xGames, a renowned blockchain game developer, announced its new blockchain car racing game; 0xRacers. In the game, players will be able to own unique cars, tune them, and race in a multiplayer environment for fun and profit.

What's 0xRacers?

0xGames is describing its new game as an “Open Economy Racing Manager”. So what does that mean?

Firstly, it implies that 0xRacers will, like many other blockchain games, adopt a decentralized, player-driven economy. This means that you'll be able to trade, buy and sell cars however you want.

You have to watch this awesome trailer

Furthermore, you'll be able to tune your cars with legendary, rare, and uncommon parts. Also, you’ll be able to play 0xRacers on several blockchains, including Ethereum, EOS, and TRON. This will also give you more freedom and the ability to purchase and sell vehicles in different cryptocurrencies.

Multiplayer Racing

0xRacers will feature racing contests where you'll race versus your opponents for glory and profit. To win these events, you'll not only need tuned cars, as well as a good racing strategy, which you'll naturally develop as you play the game.

You'll also be able to own unique cars of various tiers. Aditionally, you'll be able to tune your cars according to your racing preferences, minding the cars' speed, acceleration, handling, boosters, and so on.

While racing, you'll have to mindfully leverage your strategy, boosters, and perks in order to win the race, and for that, you'll be heavily rewarded.

Purchasing Cars & Car Parts

The good news is that you the 0xRacers presale is already ongoing. The bad news is that you have only 4 days to start buying, so better act quickly if you’re a fan of racing games. During this short period, you can purchase all items for half of their original price!

You can tune your cars with different car parts

Keep in mind that you can purchase cars and tuning packs. The tuning packs contain parts that you'll use to tune your purchased cars. It's needless to say that your races will be much more enjoyable if you race with the cars that are tuned according to your racing strategies.

To join the presale, you have to subscribe to 0xRacers through its official website. You can do that via this link.

Why Should You Join?

If you've watched the trailer, you could see that the 0x team put a lot of effort into this game. The graphics and textures look amazing for a blockchain game, and so does the gameplay. In the trailer, you can also see several cars using boosters and racing each other to be victorious.

Don't forget that 0xRacers is being developed by the same company that produced 0xWarriors and 0xUniverse, two notable DGaming projects. So, if you need a little convincing before you start participating in the 0xRacers presale, go to our DGaming Store and explore both 0xWarriors and 0xUniverse!