The list of companies that have adopted Enjin's Early Adopter Program keeps growing. The latest addition to that list is AlterVerse, a gaming multiverse that enables users to create and play unique games. Thanks to this partnership, they'll be able to do so with the help of Enjin's blockchain development tools.

Enjin Multiverse Expansion

AlterVerse is the 29th game to announce their integration with Enjin Multiverse. What this means is that AlterVerse will adopt digital assets of all the games that have joined the Multiverse. AlterVerse sees a powerful partner in Enjin and is very much interested in Enjin's platform, which allows companies to integrate blockchain technology into their games.

AlterVerse Disrupter ship passing by the several AlterVerse planets

This can be done simply and securely, with the help of Enjin’s smart contracts. AlterVerse wants to enable its users to act within the Enjin Multiverse and will adopt items of all the games that operate within it.

The Multiverse will allow players to migrate their assets, such as characters and items, to all games that have joined it. The appearance and function of these items might change depending on the game users play, but their core function will not change. More importantly, item's progress and history will be stored on the blockchain.

Unveiling AlterVerse's First Game - Disruption

AlterVerse announced that their first game, Disruption, should come out in the first quarter of 2019. Disruption will come out on Steam, a notable gaming platform with over 125 million users. The game should feature 4 game modes, one of them being the trendy Battle Royale.

The goal of the game is owning and improving a player-owned Disrupter Battleship. Players will be able to engage in both singleplayer and multiplayer game modes, all done online. They'll also be able to purchase assets, trade, and improve their ships (in terms of game mechanics and customization).

A castle laying somewhere within the AlterVerse multiverse

More Is Coming

AlterVerse plans on releasing another game, Sky City, in the second quarter of 2019. The development team envisions the game as a digital hub, where players will socialise, trade, exchange information, and learn more about the upcoming AlterVerse games. AlterVerse said that they plan on releasing 17 games!

AlterVerse plans on providing its users with various tools. Players will be able to build their own characters and items, while designing their own worlds and creating player-owned servers. The team also plans on adding a creators market to its multiverse, where designers and creators (those that will build assets) will be able to sell the assets they make to potential customers.

And this is where Enjin comes into play. All assets will essentially be ERC-1155 tokens, backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ). Those that join the game early will also receive the AlterVerse Founder’s Token. The Founder’s Token will be of high value to its holders, for it will grant them infinite rewards from multiple games.