What happens when you combine MegaCryptoPolis (MCP) with CryptoKitties? In short, you get Kitties as Kitty Pets in MCP! But how exactly will this work? And perhaps more importantly, how is this even possible?

Blockchain Interoperability

As some of already know, MCP is currently working on MCP 3D, a version that will bring better graphics and a microeconomy layer to the game. This microeconomic layer will add many new elements to the game, including pets. In MCP 3D, pets will impact your citizens and improve their daily performance. Specifically, you'll be able to improve citizens' qualifications by pairing them with pets.

Kitties can become MCP Kitty Pets

CryptoKitties' kitties are, in their shortest description, digital pets. Now with traditional gaming technology, it would be impossible to have Kitties as Pets in MCP. But with blockchain, gaming companies are able to make their assets interoperable by copying and transferring assets from game to game.

How Will This Work?

Firstly, we want to point out the fact that your original Kitty will remain in your wallet. Instead, a matching copy of your Kitty (token) will be minted in MCP. That copied token will inherit 2 traits of your original Kitty; body color and eye color.

We also know that Kitties have stats, genomes, and traits. Therefore, MCP Kitty Pet will feature stats based on that Kitty's genome from CryptoKitties. Here's how this works:

  • Gen 0: +5 Power
  • Gen 1: +4 Power
  • Gen 2 and 3: +3 Power
  • Gen 4, 5 and 6: +2 Power
  • Gen 7+: +1 Power

The most valuable Kitties will also have the best stats in MCP. Effectively, Gen 0 Kitties will be the best at boosting MCP Citizens' intelligence, endurance, strength, charisma, agility, and luck. For example, a Gen 0 Kitty will boost one of the above-mentioned stats by 5. Keep in mind that your MCP Kitty pet will boost only one of these stats and not all of them!

Kitty Pets will boost Citizens’ stats in MCP

Kitty Packs

To have your Kitty as Pet Kitty in MCP, you need to purchase a special Kitty Pack. And, for a limited time only, you're able to create a special RoboKitty Pet in MCP by bringing a Purrstige Kitty to MegaCryptoPolis.

Here's how you can make these transactions:

  1. Go to the MCP presale page and select "Get Kitty Pet"
  2. Select the Kitty you want to convert into MCP Kitty Pet and press "Swap"
  3. Confirm your purchase
  4. To see your new MCP Kitty Pet, visit the “My Asset” page

Remember that you can access both MegaCryptoPolis and CryptoKitties through our DGaming store. There you can also find valuable data regarding these games, such as the number of daily users and transactions.