Today, Axie Infinity announced their collaboration with Good Luck3, the creators of Crypt-Oink. The collaboration will last from March  22 till March 28, 1 am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). During this period, players from both communities will be able to claim free gifts and participate in a unique Cryp-Oink racing event.

A Lucrative Giveaway

As of today, any user that owns an Axie is able to claim its own limited edition Axie inspired CrypTon, AxTon. Note that Axie is giving away 250 AxTons only, so act quickly!

Claim limited-edition rewards for free and participate in a special racing event!

Furthermore, any user that owns a CrypTon (AxTon aside), is able to claim a limited edition Ganbaru Crypton Land item. The item will come in handy to Axie Infinity players, for the Ganbaru Crypton gives 15% buff the speed of all Beast Axies when battling Chimeras.

Note: remember that these items are claimable only during this collaboration.

Invitation To The Gran-Ton-Rismo Infinity Cup

All those who participate in this giveaway are also invited to a Gran-Ton-Rismo, a unique event hosted by Crypt-Oink. During the event, players are invited to login in on Crypto-Oink and race with their AxTons. Your time of the race will go to a leaderboard, where it will be compared with the results of other participants.

The total prize pool is 2000 LUNA, currently estimated at $200. Those who win their share will be able to purchase plots of Land in Axie Infinity. Six best players will go to the finals and race live on March 29, 3 AM GMT.

Axie Infinity is giving away 250 AxTons

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Aside from providing both Axie and Crypt-Oink gaming communities with valuable in-game gifts, this collaboration also encourages players to try both games.

With AxTon, you can experience the 3D racing world of Crypt-Oink, where players collect, breed, and race their Cryptons. They may also participate in unique in-game events like Gran Ton Rismo to compare their skills with other members of the community and earn substantial prizes.

And with Ganbaru Crypton, you should look to explore Lunacia, the world of Axie Infinity, where players collect, breed, and battle their Axies. Moreover, having a Land asset like Ganbaru Crypto will come in handy in the upcoming Land gameplay.

Ganbaru Crypton is an epic asset in Axie Infinity

Having an asset that buff the speed of all your Beast Axies by 15% will allow you to repel Chimeras easily and defend your land. Lastly, don't forget to race your AxTon in Crypt-Oink and potentially win LUNA!