Today, the blockchain gaming platform, BlaCat, announced its partnership with Imperial Throne. The collaboration between the two will greatly benefit their respective communities by bringing them new services, as well as new ways to utilize their assets.

What Is Imperial Throne?

Imperial Throne is one of the 1st multiplayer strategy games to run on a public blockchain. The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain and inherits all of its benefits, including smart contracts, true asset ownership, and unrestricted trading.

Being a lord isn’t easy, especially when you’re surrounded by enemies

In Imperial Throne, players rule over an empire or a tribe. They acquire land, build structures and armies, and fight against their enemies. The only way a player can acquire a piece of land is by purchasing it via in-game auctions.

In Imperial Throne, a lord has more power than a tribal leader. Both can mine Imperial Throne Tokens (ITT), recruit soldiers, participate in wars, and trade items on the exchange, but only lords can receive income from renting their land, and only lords can initiate wars.

What Is BlaCat?

BlaCat is a blockchain gaming platform based on NEO technology. One of its strongest on-platform tools is the BlaCat SDK, which allows users to develop and play blockchain games securely and conveniently.

Additionally, BlaCat's wallet is well-tailored for gamers. The wallet is cross-platform, meaning that it works well with browsers, PCs, and mobile phones. Furthermore, the wallet works well with various DApps and works fluently with the BlaCat SDK. Most importantly, the wallet is perfect for holding tokens because it allows users to store and access their tokens on-demand and use them on respective chains.

What Are The Benefits Of This Partnership?

The BlaCat platform will undoubtedly benefit from an influx of new users. Moreover, the partnership with Imperial Throne pairs well with their long-term goal to become a respectful and influential blockchain gaming ecosystem.

The BlaCat wallet will ensure that your digital assets remain secure

Imperial Throne users will now be able to trade their assets on the BlaCat exchange. This allows them not only to reach more potential buyers but also to price their valuable assets in a way that benefits them. Furthermore, the players will be able to use the BlaCat’s native wallet, which should solve the problems of holding crypto assets.

Last but not least, Imperial Throne will now have access to BlaCat's ZoroChain, a set of blockchain technologies that helps users increase the speed of  the DApp development process. ZoroChain's technologies can reduce the on-chain actions to less than 1 second, allowing games to scale more broadly without sacrificing any security in the process.