The next time you visit the CryptoMotors' website, you'll arrive in a newer and more intuitive place. You'll also notice it has a new design, simpler way of creating a new account, and other features that will make it easier for non-crypto players to join the world of crypto collectibles.

Easier To Join

This year we've seen many blockchain gaming projects extending their hand to the mainstream gaming community. The CryptoMotors team achieved that by designing and delivering a completely new website.

Sign up with your email or Facebook account

Now, it's much easier for new users to join CryptoMotors and familiarize themselves with crypto collectibles. The registration process is simple, asking only for your email address and password. In fact, you can now create your CryptoMotors account via your Facebook account!

With the old website, users had to download MetaMask and create a crypto wallet just so they could reach the next step. Now, users don't need to overcome these barriers. They can create an account from any device, view the CryptoMotors collectibles, and participate in Design Challenges without a crypto wallet!

Simpler UI, Smoother UX, Better Performance

The website's layout and UI were changed to make it cleaner and easier to understand. More importantly, the CryptoMotors team can now show to the world what they're doing in a more open and direct way.

The website tells you everything you need to know about CryptoMotors’ cars

The team also upgraded their servers to PHP 7.3 and revamped the infrastructure to improve on-site performance. They also reduced the page load time by making changes to their CSS and Javascript code. Images, videos, and text were also revamped to improve performance.

The Content Matters

What you say on your website matters, and the CryptoMotors team is fully aware of it. That's why they've updated their content in a way which enables visitors to immediately understand what CryptoMotors is all about.

When you visit the website, the first thing you see is digital automaker. Simple, direct, evocative. It's also intriguing. It encourages you to explore, especially if you are new to crypto collectibles. You want to check it out and discover means to be a digital automaker. Thankfully, you can click on "See our cars" and find the answers to your questions.

Direct, simple, evocative

Furthermore, the team connected the website with OpenSea, making it more straightforward for new users to buy CryptoMotors collectibles. To make things even simpler, CryptoMotors will soon enable users to purchase collectibles with PayPal and fiat.

If you love cars and everything related to them, join CryptoMotors. And don’t forget to visit our DGaming Store if you’re looking for new DGames to play.