Yesterday, gaming platform PlayGame unveiled their strategic partnership with TRON. TRON's financial injection will boost PlayGame's infrastructure and assist the platform's expansion into the Asian market.

On Partnership With TRON

TRON's investment in PlayGame will help the platform reach many key goals for the years to come. Specifically, the financial injection will accelerate the platform's goal to launch their Proof of Play, as well as to develop a fully functional crypto payment gateway for users worldwide.

PlayGame’s Founders at TRON’s office

Additionally, PlayGame will also use the funds to support their expansion plans to China, South Korea, Japan, and other growing markets in order to bring more users to the DGaming industry. Moreover, PlayGame will also be able to use the funds and bring in other strategic partners to their platform and expand their array of gamified experiences.

What Is PlayGame?

PlayGame is a blockchain-based gaming platform founded in June 2018. The company strives to overcome common obstacles that trouble many game developers by providing them with a secure, user-friendly and high-speed platform.

The PlayGame founders claim that the lack of transparency, piracy, distribution, and other factors often prevent talented game developers from successfully presenting their products to investors and gamers. To tackle these issues, PlayGame developed a gaming platform with an effective smart contract which enable game developers and publishers to utilize cryptocurrencies and monetize their products.

You can play more than 1,000 games on PlayGame

Moreover, PlayGame's free to use model ensures that all game publishers, developers, and crypto enthusiasts can use the platform without any cost. Most importantly, the platform ensures that all on-platform actions and transactions are transparent and secure, which allows game devs to focus their energy solely on game development.

PlayGame's Achievements

TRON's financial support has helped PlayGame reach their product fit validation. Thus far, PlayGame has reached numerous milestones, including:

  • Over 67% of PlayGame's competitions are paid, enabling competitors to simultaneously have fun and earn prizes
  • PlayGame's biggest prize pool had 500,000 PlayGame Tokens (PGXs)
  • PlayGame's average prize pool is currently at 272 PGX
  • An average of 9.7 players participate in PlayGame's competitions
  • Roughly 60% of all PlayGames players have PGX on their accounts

On the PlayGame platforms, users can play thousands of F2P games, host free or paid competitions, and earn money while having fun. PlayGame also plans to release their PGX wallet and launch their smart contract SDK for Q2 2019.