Three days ago, the War Riders team unveiled Test Wasteland, an explorable post-apocalyptic land where players can test their premium vehicles. The team has also released a new game launcher, which allows players to automatically download the game and its updates.

On Test Wasteland

In Test Wasteland, players can drive their customized premium vehicles to practice their driving and shooting skills. To access the game, you must take the following steps:

  1. Visit War Riders official downloads page.
  2. If you already have War Riders installed on your PC, delete it entirely. If you're installing the game for the first time, you may skip this step.
  3. Download the War Riders launcher. The game is playable on Windows, iOS and Linux systems. Mobile version of the game should arrive later this year.
  4. Run the launcher and install the game.
  5. Once you've installed the game, click "Options" to adjust graphics, resolution, UI, and other options.
  6. Now log-in with your War Riders account. If you don't have an account, this guide will explain how you can make one.
Test your driving and shooting skills in the Wasteland

The New Launcher Is Out

Prior to releasing their new launcher, War Riders players had to download and install the game's content manually. Now, they may do so automatically, via the new War Riders launcher.

The first installation might take some time, but all of the following updates should download and install quickly and automatically. It’s worth noting that the launcher also has a built-in tool that analyzes and repairs corrupted files in order to prevent errors and improve UX.

The new launcher automatically downloads the game and its updates

On Test Drive and Logo Competitions

The War Riders team hid some special items in the Test Wasteland, which are visible only to certain vehicles. The goal of this contest is to find the items before other players do, and then send the screenshot to the War Riders Discord group.  Since the players don't what vehicles can see these items, they are encouraged to test their vehicles 1 by 1 if they want to find them.

If you, however, don't locate these items despite going through all your in-garage vehicles, you can buy the ones you don't own and try again. Those who find these items will be rewarded for their effort and will also earn a unique badge that displays their achievements.

The WR team is also encouraging players to vote for their favorite logo during the Logo contest. If you'd like to participate, you can cast your votes via this link; the winner of the contest will be announced next week.