Following the recent Enjin smart wallet update, the Enjin developers chose to take things even further. What did they do? They created the Enjin Mintshop, which enables users to create any digital asset they want!

What's The Enjin Mintshop Service?

As of yesterday, everyone can obtain a fine-tailored ERC-1155 token. Users won't be minting these tokens themselves. Instead, they can place an order (through the Enjin platform), describe the kind of token they want to have, and then wait for the Enjin "blacksmiths" to mint them.

Users can create fungible and non-fungible tokens. They can name them, and provide a description and image for them. Users will have to give the developers their Ethereum address, where their assets will arrive in 7 days.

It's worth noting that users can place an order for more than 1 coin. Also, users can determine the value of these tokens according to their preferences.

And Then What?

Once minted, the assets go straight to the user's wallet. A user can keep, buy, sell, share, and swap their assets. A user can also destroy their freshly minted items, which will directly impact the value of other coins (make them more scarce).

Each minted asset has an underlying value equal to the Enjin coin value. You can find more info on this in our "What Do You Need To Know About The Enjin Smart Wallet Update?" article.

How Will Gamers Benefit From This?

In the DGaming industry, users can implement their ERC-1155 token into Unity-made games. Yes; we said games, not a game! For instance, users can move their in-game assets (such as characters) across multiple games.

This allows them to increase their asset's value by progressing across numerous different games. This Copernicus-like shift implies that the asset is now at the center of the DGaming universe (not the game itself).

Going Beyond DGaming

Gamers and game developers aren't the only ones benefiting from the minting service. Businesses of all kinds can also order custom-made tokens and later share them with their customers.

In fact, any system that wishes to reward their participants could benefit from the Enjin minting service. With it, systems (business, commercial, educational, etc.) can strengthen their relationships, reward loyalty and excellence, and go beyond the traditional reward systems.

Improving Security And Ownership Status

ERC-1155 tokens and blockchain technology have a huge potential. Because blockchain assets are immune to falsification, users can store anything of value (whether that value is big or small) on the blockchain.

Anything from coupons to IDs can go to the blockchain, their safety ensured by complex cryptographic procedures. We hope that other industries will soon follow the DGaming industry, replace their paper transactions with blockchain technology to make our world safer and more secure.