Today, Nimbus Interactive has announced via Steam that they're partnering with Enjin. Nimbus Interactive said that they'd use the Enjin platform to bring true asset ownership to their Steam-ready game; Containment Corps.

On Partnership With Enjin

The forward-thinking game developer, Nimbus Interactive, aims to utilize Enjin's platform and ERC-1155 standard and take their gaming experience onto another level. Specifically, the studio wishes provide true asset ownership to its community and reward them for their support and loyalty.

By using Enjin's tools (Enjin Mintshop, Enjin Beam, Enjin Wallet, etc) the studio intends to generate new revenue streams, enhance marketing, and build a sustainable tokenized ecosystem that benefits all participants.

What Is Containment Corps?

Nimbus Interactive has one game in its portfolio; Containment Corps. The game is an online multiplayer FPS mixed with elements of tower defense, cooperation, and strategy.

Containment Corps Early Access Trailer

In the game, a team of players has to manage and defend their structures from an invading horde of hell-like creatures (think of the Battle for Helms Deep). As a player, you can choose between several classes;

  • Gearhead - you can launch airstrikes, deploy turrets and do significant damage from a distance
  • Blazer - aside from wrecking your enemies with a shotgun, you can also deploy traps and defend strategic points
  • Specialist - with a specialist, you can repair gates, heal your allies, and if you fail to heal them, revive
  • Ranger - you can deploy turrets and deal massive pierce damage from afar

Building a Thriving Community

Nimbus Interactive seeks to build a thriving community of gamers and collectors. To celebrate their partnership with Enjin, the devs are giving away 750 Containment Corps Founders’ Tokens to those who first join their Discord Channel (link here). So, if you like the game, be sure to join the channel and claim your token on time! Why?

Image from game

Because founders’ tokens often bring long-term benefits to its holders, including random airdrops, loyalty rewards, influence, and much more. And then there's the Enjin factor. Those who follow the DGaming industry news know that Enjin is no stranger to adding new games to its multiverse.

Of 34 games that have partnered with Enjin, 29 are already a part of the gaming multiverse. In such an environment, players own and use their assets across multiple games, which allow them to not only access more games with very little investment but to also better monetize their crypto assets.

Last but not least, if Containment Corps joins that multiverse, Containment Corps Founders’ Tokens could bring its holders long-term benefits and rewards across multiple games in the multiverse.