CryptoWars has changed the way Experience Points work (XP). They're now broader and scalable, measured in comparison to all players in the CryptoWars realm. You can also earn, rewards, badges, which you'll showcase on the new Profile tab. To see the full list of changes, scroll below.

About the New Experience System

In CryptoWars, XP is measured and accumulated globally. It mustn't be confused with Tournament Points (TP), which rank you for specific tournaments only. Effectively, XP exceeds particular game modes and is calculated based on your overall performance in-game.

Achieve milestones and earn badges

As you play CryptoWars campaigns you earn more and more XP. And, as you earn more XP you go up the ladder, reach new tiers and receive more lucrative rewards.

Understanding the Tier System

The new Tier system includes categories from Bronze to Legend. The better your perform in-game, the higher you go up the Tier list. For example, players Legend tier will compete against better players and also receive better rewards. This can include tournament multipliers, exclusive content, access to exclusive tournaments, and so on.

Aside from earning rewards, you'll also earn new badges. You'll be able to showcase them on your profile and tell the world about your progress. You can earn these badges by achieving specific milestones, such as for playing the game for a year, reaching a new tier, or for reaching top spots in the tournaments.

New Badges Need New Profile Tab

Your badges will be showcased on your new Profile tab. This new tab will demonstrate your avatar, bio, results and ultimately, your badges.

The profile tab will also provide you with vital data about your in-game progression. For instance, it will feature a bar that shows your progression to the next tier. It will also tell you what rewards you'll receive (depending on your tier). Lastly, the profile will show you your referral link, with which you can bring more players to CryptoWars and be rewarded for it.

Better profile, more useful info

In essence, the new Profile tab will feature the most important info about your game progression. Paired with the new XP system, it'll breathe a new life into to game, improve UX and deliver a better gaming experience. The CryptoWars team they'd soon release more info about these changes, so be sure to keep an eye on our DGaming site.

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