The recent Enjin wallet update stirred things up in the DGaming community. The update grants more power to the users, enabling them to melt, send and receive ERC1155 tokens.

Additionally, Enjin finally carried out a third-party audit (regarding their wallets), inspiring confidence in the eyes of not only its users but the entire DGaming industry.

Enjin Wallet welcome screen. Image courtesy of Enjin Pte Ltd.

What Does It All Mean?

To those that don't know, Enjin is one of the most notable smart cryptocurrency wallets. In it, you can store your ERC1155 tokens (together with other assets, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.)

The ERC-1155 tokens are non-fungible tokens (NFT), or plainly speaking, unique. With these unique tokens, users can mint unique in-game assets and later implement them in their games.

So if you are a game developer, you can obtain these tokens and then mold them according to your ideas. The beauty of it is that, since each token is unique, each asset will be unique too, and will, therefore, have an exceptional value.

Why Should You Care About This?

The new update allows developers to take their asset production to a mass-scale level. In the past, if a developer wanted to create an in-game asset (let's say a kitten), they would have to formulate a contract for that kitten.

So, if you wanted to create 50 kittens, you had to create 50 smart contracts. But now, if you're going to produce 50 kittens, you can do it in bulk, with a single transaction.

This is excellent news not only for the developers but gamers too. Some games, such as the War of Crypto or CryptoFights already utilized this method. They already created tons of in-game assets and shared them with their community.

What Are The Benefits Of Enjin Wallet Update?

Thanks to this update, users can move assets through their Enjin wallets. You can, of course, keep them if you find them worthy of holding. Pretty cool, right?

CryptoFights and War of Crypto aren't the only ones who seek to utilize these new features. Blockchain Cuties as well as Axie Infinity also want a piece of this action and will in the foreseeable future be supported by the Enjin wallet.

This step will be possible once the Enjin wallet starts supporting ERC-721 tokens. It’s reasonable to assume that other games will soon join the Enjin platform and fully utilize the advantages that come with their most recent wallet update.