Two days ago, Enjin announced a major update to the Enjin Wallet, together with ongoing airdrops for Enjin Network users. Enjin also unveiled their plans to distribute hundreds of thousands of blockchain assets to more than 2 million Enjin Network users via their newly added Enjin Wallet feature.

About The New Update

The new Enjin Wallet update comes with the "reveal code" feature, which allows business to send ERC-1155 tokens with hidden messages via Enjin's Beam QR. Upon receiving an asset with a hidden message, a user can either unveil the code immediately or keep it hidden for later use.

Enjin Smart Wallet just became a lot smarter

So why is this big? Well, it's big for two reasons:

  1. Any customer-oriented business can now send unique airdrops, such as discounts, coupons, tickets or product keys to individuals or groups. Businesses can utilize this feature to grow and strengthen their communities in an entirely new, simple and secure manner.
  2. The receiver has the option to unveil the code immediately or save it for later use. More importantly, the receiver is the only person that can activate the code; no one else can access it.

How Will This Work?

Upon unveiling their new feature, Enjin provided their users with QR codes which included numerous blockchain products for major brands, including Google Play, iTunes, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The Enjin Beam QR System plays a crucial role in this process. For instance, if a business wants to attract new customers or reward existing ones, it may share discounts, tickets, coupons, and other assets by posting the QR code on billboards, social media, flyers, websites, and so on.

A notification will pop up when the user receives ERC-20 cryptocurrencies and ERC-1155 blockchain assets

Furthermore, a business may decide how many assets it wants to distribute, and in which way the assets will be distributed (publicly or privately).

On Additional Updates & Announcements

The new wallet update also brings real-time notifications for all incoming ERC-20 cryptocurrencies and ERC-1155 blockchain assets. Additionally, the update brings improvements to Enjin's in-wallet token swap feature, which allows Enjin Wallet users to seamlessly swap over 200 cryptocurrencies via Kyber Network, Bancor Network, and Changelly. Lastly, the new update also brings an improved transaction page that directly connects to the transaction information on EnjinX.

Enjin will give away hundreds of thousands of blockchain assets to their users

To celebrate their most recent achievements, Enjin will distribute numerous blockchain assets to their users. Specifically, Enjin will distribute various ERC-1155 assets, including Multiverse items, and tokens with reveal codes for the Enjin Mintshop and free months of hosting on

It's important to know that all ERC-1155 tokens can be melted down into Enjin Coin (ENJ) and used for Enjin Network subscriptions or to mint new ERC-1155 tokens.