Blankos Block Party presence at SXSW was a huge success. Hosted in Texas by Mythical Games and SXSW Gaming, the event gathered fans from around the world, where they had fun, played the game for the first time and learned new things about the game's current and upcoming features.

Calm Before The Storm

It's been 4 months since we wrote our first article about the Mythical Games and their in-development game, Blankos Block Party. Since their announcement, the Mythical Games team has been actively hyping their game and building their community from the ground up.

You can sign up and get your own Blanko for free

When the game was first announced, users could join the Blankos Block Party newsletter via the official website in order to receive their own unique Blanko for free. Don't worry, you can still join the giveaway if you like the game!

Since the release of their teaser trailer, the team didn't share much information about the game. The only thing we knew was that Blankos Block Party looked cool, entertaining and original. And then, on February 12th, SXSW Gaming officially announced that they'd co-host an event with Mythical Games and publically present Blankos Block Party for the first time.

Blankos At SXSW 2019

At this year’s SXSW, Mythical Games demoed the game for the first time. Those who couldn't attend the party had the opportunity to watch the Mythical Games-sponsored livestream of the Blankos Block Party. If you missed the livestream and would love to see what the game is like, you can watch the video here.

Blankos partying at SXSW gaming event

The livestream, as well as the Blankos Block Party at SXSW in general, unveiled many interesting things about the game. For starters, the game provides gamers with a new type of multiplayer game experience. In the game, players are able to create their own block parties and invite other players to play unique game modes.

For instance, the "Collect Vibez" mode requires that players collect "vibez" in the arena. The first player that collects 50 vibez wins, and is later rewarded for their effort. Probably the biggest thing about this game is that it enables players to develop their own game modes. By developing a creative, fun and unique game mode, a player can attract a lot of in-game attention and be rewarded for it.

What Are Blankos?

Blankos are an integral part of Blankos Block Party. Each Blanko is a unique crypto collectible, which makes each Blanko scarce and valuable. Players will have complete ownership of their Blankos, meaning that they'll be able to customize and trade them as they see fit.

Players will also be able to level up their Blankos by playing the game. Leveling will be an important factor in the game because it will make Blankos faster, stronger and ultimately more valuable. Levels will also unlock unique abilities, such as "Sliding" or "Double-jumping", which will give high-level Blankos a significant advantage over low-level Blankos.