Buckle your seatbelts because Altitude Games just recently announced the presale for their blockchain racing game, Battle Racers! The item presale will start on May 15 and will offer a selection of limited crypto assets to Battle Racers fans.

What's for Sale?

During the Battle Racers item presale, you'll be able to buy 4 types of item crates, including wood, bronze, silver, and gold, with gold being the most valuable one.

Wicked Battle Racers cars

Each item crate will contain 4 random car parts, which you'll later use to assemble cars and drive them on the race tracks in Decentraland. You should also know that the presale items will only be offered during the presale and that you won't be able to obtain them in later stages of the game.

You will, however, be able to tokenize these items and sell them to other players or buy them from other players if you haven't purchased any during the presale.

Why Should You Participate?

The Battle Racers presale items are unique in many ways:

  • They feature a distinct appearance and will never be designed again.
  • The presale items have the "Prime Edition" tag on them which distinguishes them from non-presale items.
  • Each item has a unique serial number that is minted once you open the crate; the sooner you open the crate, the lower the number will be. It's also possible (and this is purely hypothetical) that these numbers will affect the value of Battle Racers items.
  • You have a 200% chance of getting an Elite item tag, which increases the level upgrade cap of that particular item.
  • You also have a bonus chance of dropping Legendary car parts, which have the highest level upgrade cap and are the rarest in the game.
Each car has 4 parts: body, front, rear and wheels

On Crate Contents & Prices

Here you can see the numbers for each crate type:

Wood Crate (0.035 ETH)

  • total supply: 3420
  • drop rate: Common 80%, Rare 17%, Epic 3%

Bronze Crate (0.1 ETH)

  • total supply: 2945
  • drop rate: Common 60%, Rare 35%, Epic 5%

Silver Crate (0.3 ETH)

  • total supply: 2280
  • drop rate: Common 40%, Rare 50%, Epic 10%

Gold Crate (0.7 ETH)

  • total supply: 1140
  • drop rate: Common 20%, Rare 50%, Epic 30%

There's also a chance for dropping legendary items; you can read more about this in the Altitude Games article. As for the purchases, you'll be able to buy crates with MANA, ETH and fiat currencies.

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