Just recently, Juggler Games announced that they'd soon bring true asset ownership to their latest gaming title, My Memory of Us (MMoU). MMoU was released in October 2018, on Steam, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Merging With Blockchain

In November 2018, Juggler Games partnered with Hoard and joined their Private Alpha Developer Program with the purpose of bringing true asset ownership to MMoU, an adventurous moving fairy tale about love and friendship.

MMoU will soon feature true asset ownership 

For roughly 4 months, Juggler Games worked with Hoard’s Unity SDK, a suite of tools that allows game developers to seamlessly integrate games with blockchain technology. The project is now reaching its end, meaning that very soon, Steam players will enjoy true Ownership of certain in-game assets.

On My Memory of Us

MMoU is a 2D, side-scrolling adventure game that requires users to use logic and stealth to solve various in-game puzzles and challenges. It takes users back in the WW2 era and tells a unique tale with humorous music and excellent artwork.

Since its release, the game received positive reviews on all platforms, as well as a lot of attention from the mainstream video game community. MMoU also won a 2017 Pixel Heaven award, as well as first place at Indie Showcase.

What Is Hoard?

Hoard leverages blockchain-based technologies and offers unique services to private investors, game developers and game players. Specifically, Hoard allows users to take advantage of true asset ownership, decentralized markets, and other aspects of blockchain gaming and build games of the future.

Any digital asset or service can be tokenized with Hoard, and later distributed and traded on the community-controlled marketplace. Lastly, Hoard offers its partners powerful tools, such as their SDK, Marketplace or Crowdfunding Platform in order to ensure that projects are of high-quality.

About Juggler Games

Juggler Games is a game development studio from Warsaw, Poland. Founded by a group of several industry veterans, the studio focuses on delivering games with a distinct art style and engaging game mechanics. Thus far, the studio developed one title, My Memory of Us.

MMoU received positive comments from the gaming community

We still don't have any information on how exactly will this integration work, but we do know that players will be able to collect some form of unique crypto assets. Note that Hoard did announce that they'd release more information regarding this migration in the coming weeks.