After months of hard work and countless sleepless nights, the Crypto Space Commander (CSC) team officially launched the new website. The team has also rolled out the new Referral Bounty system to market their products more effectively and reach more users.

About the New Website

With the launch of the new website, all CSC players will have to re-verify their ETH addresses. But don't worry; all of your CSC assets will remain in your ETH wallet. Also, the new website now supports hardware wallets, which you can tie to your account via the MetaMask Connection.

The Legacy ETH Hangar has been moved to the bottom of the main page. The Hangar enables you to monitor data related to your account, such as the number of resources you have or which of your items are on the blockchain.

Somewhere in the CSC universe...

The new website also features a new Check In/Check Out system, which enables you to manage your CSC assets better. This function allows you to send items from your wallet to your CSC account (Check In), and vice versa (Check out).

Lastly, you can now search for items in your inventory using the Search bar. Keep in mind that this new website is still in its infancy and that it's quite possible that you'll encounter some issues. If you do, please, contact the devs via Discord and inform them about the issues.

On Bounty Referral System

To prepare for the CSC Expedition Supply Crate Series 1 (ESC01) sale, the team developed their Bounty Referral system. If you partner up with the CSC team, and if users make purchases through your referral link, you'll earn 5% of each purchase.

And speaking of ESC01; CSC community members will be able to access the sale 1 hour earlier. Specifically, the sale will start on May 28, at 5 PM PST. However, CSC community members will be able to access the sale at 4 PM.

The ESC01 sale is just around the corner!

Updates Regarding Steam

As mentioned in one of CSC’s previous articles, CSC is coming to the Steam Network. The CSC team said that they plan on having a playable on-Steam version of their game by the end of this week. This build will also come with an updated Station UI, which will allow players to play with their freshly purchased ships and modules.

Modules are still under observation and in-development, so it's quite possible that some functionalities won't be instantly available to the players. The team said that they'll provide us with more info on this in the coming weeks.

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