Yesterday, MLB Crypto Baseball (MLBC) unveiled major changes for the upcoming MLB Crypto Baseball season. The new update brings new game cards, enhanced gameplay, rarity distribution, improved game events and much more.

Introducing The Player Rarity Index

One of the most exciting features that came with the new update is the Player Rarity Index (PRI). In short, PRI is a gamified measurement of MLB player performance. Essentially, once the MLBC Gameplay starts, the performance of MLB players during the season influences their chances of appearing as a figure in reward drops.

Major changes are coming to MLBC

The better the players perform, the likelihood of them appearing in reward drops lowers. However, the players that perform well during the season will have a higher chance of receiving rare attributes, which will ultimately make them more valuable.

On The Game Cards And Improved Game Events

Game cards will receive major changes for the new season. Here's the list of the most significant changes:

  • MLBC is moving their creation & management process off of the Ethereum blockchain to make the game creation free and more fluid
  • Players will be able to formulate a 22 man rosters for every team thanks to the addition of "Bullpen" and "Bench" features. Specifically, players will be able to have 9 figures in their starting lineups, 6 Bench figures and 7 Bullpen figures.
Caps and Diamonds are the backbones of the MLBC economy

Effectively, since players can now use more figures in a game, they'll also have more opportunities to compete in Game Events. Specifically, players will be able to compete in up to 5 Game Events, assuming that their figures are eligible for the events. If these events occur in MLB games, and if your figures are in a game, you'll earn Caps (MLBC reward in-game currency).

New Rewards & Caps

At the end of every MLB game, players' cards earn reward points based on their performance. With this new update, the performance of your Game Cards will determine the quality as well as the number of your rewards.

This newly added mechanic should reward those players who are able to track and predict the performance of their favorite MLB players and teams. The better your understanding of MLB is, the more Caps you'll receive. You'll then be able to use Caps to unlock post-game rewards or to gain extra rewards outside of post-game reward progress.

On Team Reward Dugout & Daily Drops

The Team Reward Dugout (TRD) is a new way of earning MLBC Figures. The new system allows players to purchase any MLBC Figures from any team with Caps. The Figures obtained via this new method will get random attributes and will be offered at diverse Cap tiers.

You can obtain Common, Bronze, Silver and Gold Bases in MLBC

MLCB has also announced that they'd run Daily Drops after every MLB game. The reward pool will be formulated based on the MLB players' performance, user engagement, and Game Events. After each game, both the winning and losing players will be able to claim or purchase their daily rewards with Caps.

To see the full list of changes that are coming to MLBC, check out their official blog post.