The Blockchain Cuties team has revealed some info about their upcoming Land update. Based on the provided data, it's safe to say that the introduction of land will fundamentally change the way the game is played. Moreover, the land update will also bring with it several new features, activities, and items to the Cutieland.

What Is Blockchain Cuties Land?

The Blockchain Cuties land update is currently in development. While we don't know the very specifics of this update, we can point out several technical things regarding Blockchain Cuties Land:

  • Each land plot will be an ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT).
  • Players will have full ownership over their land, meaning that they’ll be able to manage and trade their land as they see fit.
  • Blockchain Cuties will offer land plots to their players via their multi-stage land presale.

How Will The Land Impact Blockchain Cuties?

According to Blockchain Cuties, the introduction of land will change everything. So what is everything?

Firstly, Adventures. Currently, players are able to send their cuties to adventures as long as they meet the adventure's requirements (level-wise and cooldown-wise). However, once the land update hits the ground, someone will first need to own the land where a specific adventure takes place.

The Snowy Mountain adventure is perfect for new players

Let's take Snowy Mountain as an example. For now, all it takes for you to undergo this adventure is that you have at least one level 1-99 cutie. But once the land is introduced, someone will first need to own the land where the Snowy Mountain adventure dwells. Also, discovering new adventures is expected to be much more difficult once the land is introduced to the game.

Secondly, Exploration. When the devs introduce the land gameplay, only a fraction of the Cutieland will be revealed to the players when they join the game. Effectively, players will need to explore and open the rest of the Cutieland in order to reveal and access its content.

On New Activities

For now, Cutieneers can breed their cuties and send them to adventures; the land update will change that. According to the devs, "cuties will have an opportunity to choose a more ‘down to earth’ occupation."

Cuties will need to cooperate in order to accomplish their goals

The devs also said, "Cuties will have to learn to cooperate to achieve common goals." This doesn't reveal much, but it's reasonable to assume that the game will feature more co-op elements, i.e. players will need to team up in order to achieve specific in-game goals.

Battles, Wars and Treasures

Whenever there's land, there's conflict, at least in blockchain games. Cutineers will wage wars and fight battles in order to control strategic points in the Cutieland. We don't know exactly how these battles will work, but we do know that the players will need to use more strategy than they do know.

Lastly, the land update will also introduce new items in the game. This includes resources, buildings and other strategic elements players will have to use and trade to progress in the Cutieland.