The Ontology team has recently announced their partnership with award-winning game developer ParityGame. The two will work together to deliver a game platform using Ontology's open-source technology.

On Partnership With ParityGame

Ontology, a high-performance public blockchain project and distributed trust collaboration platform, will help ParityGame develop their new blockchain game platform. Aside from providing ParityGame with their open-source development tools, Ontology will also support ParityGame with capital and marketing to attract more users.

Ontology and Parity will work together to deliver an immersive blockchain gaming experience

ParityGame plan to launch their first VR blockchain game, The Isolated City, on the Ontology platform. The game is built with Unreal Engine 4 and utilizes modern gaming technologies to bring ultra HD image quality and smooth gameplay experience.

The two will also integrate the blockchain with Skrskins, a marketplace for trading crypto items and assets. The Skrskins trading platform already has more than 500,000 users and an average of 10,000 daily transactions.

What Is ParityGame?

ParityGame believes that current blockchain games doesn't compare to traditional games in terms of quality. The studio is, therefore, investing a lot of effort to set itself apart from other studios by delivering high-quality blockchain video games that traditional gamers would want to play.

ParityGame already has more than 30 mini-games and is in collaboration with more than 20 overseas Steam developers. Seven of those 30 games are already listed to launch on the Ontology blockchain. ParityGame will also develop new games and run them exclusively on the Ontology blockchain.

Appealing in-game footage from The Isolated City

ParityGame is currently in the process of preparing their items for their upcoming presale. They'll offer Level.C, B, A and Level.S items, arranged according to their rarity (from common to extremely rare). During the presale, users will be able to purchase guns, cold weapons and costumes and use them in ParityGames. ParityGames have also prepared Mysterious items, which users will be able to find by interacting with their platform and playing their games.

What Is Ontology Network?

Ontology is a new public blockchain project with its own set of rules, smart contracts, and DLTs. Their blockchain framework supports numerous public blockchain systems and optimizes them for different applications by implementing their existing modules.

For example, Ontology's ID module helps users with identity verification and authentication for users, assets, and objects. They also use the Ontology DATA framework to support data cooperation and resource management, and the Ontology SCORES to develop effective credit card evaluation logic for businesses.

The team also said that they're also capable of developing and implementing new modules, depending on their clients' specific ideas.